10 best places to visit in Denmark

Denmark is probably one of the most developed countries I have visited in my life. When you are walking down the streets of Hellerup and you see a Tesla in every second household, plus other fancy cars, houses facing the sea and you think to yourself “these people have a good life”. They have a good life, but not because of having a Tesla. Because the country gives you the opportunity to actually own a Tesla. So in this article, we have the best places to visit in Denmark.

10 best places to visit in Denmark

10 most beautiful places in Denmark besides Copenhagen. You have your little towns with interesting houses, Legoland, more seaside towns. These are the places to visit in Denmark if you want to have a good time. You can start with Copenhagen, Denmark top places to visit, and slowly get to know the rest of Denmark places to visit. Be mindful of what you bring with you as it’s quite windy. You will not regret these 10 Denmark beautiful places to visit, so let’s see what are they.

1. Copenhagen

best places to visit in denmark

I am sure that most people would only visit Copenhagen, and rightly so. This beautiful city is one of the best places to visit in Denmark and in the 10 most beautiful places in Denmark, so you must take a look at what the city has to offer. The gorgeous view of Nyhavn is a must-see and it is also for free. You get to walk along the small river and see all the small shops, restaurants and cafes. If you want to have some fun, why not visit Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park for everyone’s pleasure.

In case you are interested in museums and places to visit in Denmark,, you can buy a museum pass which gives you access to a few buildings. They are Rosenborg Castle, Amalienborg, National Museum of Denmark, SMK, and so on. I would definitely recommend visiting the Designmuseum and if you’re under 26 then it is for free! For a little 4/20 fun, I’d recommend Christiania, Copenhagen’s free town. I’ll just say this: if you know, you know. Let’s see the rest of the Denmark places to visit.

2. Dragør

best places to visit in denmark

This little town is one of the Denmark beautiful places to see and the 10 most beautiful places in Denmark you must visit. Just outside of Copenhagen lies the cutest town of Dragør. The Danish town is on the island of Amager and you’ll be able to see houses dating from the 1700s. These houses are very specific with their low thatched roofs and most of them have this mustard color that makes them distinctive. I also hear they are quite expensive to buy!

It’s not just about the houses. Dragør is in Denmark top places to visit because you can also see the Øresund Bridge from here. Just sit down on a little hill next to the harbor and enjoy the gorgeous views of the sea and you can even spot Sweden on the other side if it’s not hiding behind the clouds. Speaking of the harbor. The port is full of sailing ships, fishing boats, and yachts. It is very popular for Danish people to own boats, some of them even live in bigger-sized boats, how cool is that.

3. Aarhus

best places to visit in denmark

We cannot leave out Aarhus from Denmark top places to visit. This city is on the Jutland peninsula and you will have a lot of attractions to visit. It is a very tiny city but that doesn’t mean it’s not the best places to visit in Denmark and here is why. The biggest attractions of Aarhus are literally within walking distance of each other. The harbor itself is considered to be a major attraction and you can get close to the Dokk 1 Cultural Centre and the Iceberg. If you are very brave, you can swim in the harbor baths, but I must warn you, Danish waters are really cold!

Dokk1 Cultural Center is a great way to pass time with children as you have games, dressing-up costumes, storytelling, and playgrounds. The Iceberg is that big white building on the left of the picture. It is an Architectonic Gemstone as it has unique apartment buildings. I wouldn’t mind living in one of them. Other attractions are the Old Town Open Air Museum, the Aarhus Botanical Gardens, or just simply walking through the streets and enjoying one of the interesting places to visit in Denmark.

4. Bornholm

best places to visit in denmark

The next on the list of Denmark beautiful places to visit is the Baltic Island where Bornholm is situated. The small island is very famous at the moment and it’s worth visiting as you get to do many things. The main thing you should start with is Rønne, Bornholm’s main town. Sweden was the one who helped rebuild this small town after it was destroyed at the end of WWII. For another harbor experience, Gudhjem is the place for you. The rocky coast of Bornholm’s Baltic Sea shore, Gudhjem is a very popular summer spot.

Another one of Denmark places to visit within Bornholm is Svaneke. The small fishing village has half-timbered cottages and an authentic local atmosphere! I love a good island and Ertholmene Islands is the best places to visit in Denmark. This island is off the coast, no pets are allowed. It even has a restaurant and a 17th-century fortress. You can literally plan one or two days in Bornholm, hire a car, and just drive around the island. From one side of the island to the other it’s only 30 minutes by car!

5. Helsingør

best places to visit in denmark

Let’s start with an interesting fact. Helsingør lie opposite of Helsingborb, Sweden. The two names are very similar, yet they are in two different countries opposite of each other and connected by ferry. Helsingør, the 10 most beautiful places in Denmark has many attractions. One of them is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kronborg Castle. The castle was built between 1574 and 1585 by Frederick II.

It is not just the castle that makes it the places to visit in Denmark, Helsingør also has other historical sites like the Gothic St. Olai Church, Marienlyst which houses the Hamlet collection. The Danish Museum of Technology should also be on your list to visit. This city is also the home of Isak Dinesen. While you are here, visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern art which is south of the city. It is probably one of the coolest museums I have been to so far, with a view of the city and they always hold interesting exhibitions.

6. Odense

Don’t you just love seeing these small streets? Odense is another one of the best places to visit in Denmark and it’s a fairytale experience. I don’t know about you but I grew up watching Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales. In Odense, you will find the museum and you will not be disappointed. He was born in Odense so it is only right there is a whole museum dedicated to his short stories.

Besides the museum, we recommend more of Denmark beautiful places such as the Egeskov Castle. If you look at it from far it is another fairytale-like place The castle and the gardens surrounding it make the scenery truly mesmerizing. While you are here, enjoy some sunshine at the harbor and then take a look at the Art Museum Brandts. Denmark’s first museum for art and visual culture. Are you a fan of the Vikings? Odin’s Odense is a village that shows the Iron Age and Viking Age, perfect for family activities. Let’s see the rest of Denmark top places to visit,

7. Lyngvig Lighthouse

best places to visit in denmark

The magical lighthouse of Lyngvig Fyr, the 10 most beautiful places in Denmark and this is the youngest lighthouse located on Holmsland Klit. The lighthouse is the area’s top tourist attraction as you get to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and the fjord. This lighthouse was built due to a tragic accident when 24 sailors lost their lives in 1903. They have built the lighthouse in order to watch over sailors and not let this accident happen again. It stands on 17 meters dune and it’s 38 meters high.

The lighthouse is actually not used anymore to help sailors, it just became a landmark for the area. As with many lighthouses, they cast a light upon the area during the night. Lyngvig was changed to natrium loaded lamp which was a white blinking light. Many tourists didn’t enjoy this and in 2013 people fought to change it back to swaying yellow light which is now still in place.

8. Billund

Legoland – Photo from Avion Tourism

I know, this image looks like it is in Nyhavn, rather than Billund. Billund can be found in the town of Jutland and if you were playing with legos as a child but never knew where they came from, well, they came from Billund. The LEgo Group has its head office in this very small town and thus making it the best places to visit in Denmark. Besides having a theme park called Legoland, Billund also has a waterpark resort and the second largest airport in Denmark.

The Legoland amusement park makes this the pales to visit in Denmark and Denmark top places to visit. There is a 23 meter tall Lego house that opened in late 2017. Besides Legoland, you can also visit the Givskud Zoo, the Vandel Museum and there is also a children’s library designed by Rosan Bosch. She is a famous architect with her own studio in Copenhagen that is also worth checking out.

9. Skagen

Skagen – Photo from Toppen Ad Denmark

We are down to the two last 10 most beautiful places in Denmark. Skagen is found in the north of Jutland. This beautiful place is Denmark’s main fishing port and it attracts over 2 million people annually. The first place for you to visit is the Skagens Museum. Skagen has its very own famous painters and their pieces can be found in this museum. Artists such as Anna and Michael Ancher and P.S. Krøyer. The museum was founded in 1908.

The picture that you see here is the famous Grenen, which is at the tip of Jutland, and two “oceans” meet. These two seas are Skagerrak and Kattegat (if you are a Vikings fan, you would also recognize this). You can literally stand with your two feet in the two different seas. The Skagen harbor is a great place to take a rest, visit some restaurants and have some fish. This idyllic harbor is full of boats and makes it one of the Denmark beautiful places and Denmark places to visit.

10. Ribe

best places to visit in denmark
Ribe – Photo from Britannica

Last but not least on the list of best places to visit in Denmark. Ribe is not really one of the towns that people would visit outside of Denmark, however, due to so many articles, if you just search for it, you will stumble upon why Riber is in Denmark top places to visit. This little old town is also the home of half-timbered houses and winding cobbled streets. If you are already in Billund visiting Legoland, then Ribe is just on your way and it is also close to the Wadden Sea National Park.

Ribe is known to be the oldest town in Scandinavia as it was founded in 700. In the Viking Era, this town was very important due to its strategic location. Ribe’s location is linking Scandinavia with the rest of the Nordic countries. For a majestic view of this small town, see the Ribe Cathedral as it has a tower you can climb onto. This is the oldest Cathedral built in romanesque style and the only church with five naves. You should not miss out on visiting Ribe!

Denmark top places to visit – Conclusion

There you have the best places to visit in Denmark in our opinion. Denmark is such a beautiful country, the people are wonderful, the language is very difficult, so you might only learn a few words while you’re in Denmark. These 10 most beautiful places in Denmark will make you fall in love with the country as each place is unique in its own way. Denmark beautiful places to visit and Denmark top places to visit, don’t miss out on these.

From Legoland to fairytale museums the places to visit in Denmark are worth your time, whether you are planning on checking out only one or more of them. What would be your Denmark top places to visit? Would you like a separate article on either one of these? Let us know in the comments.

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