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Sighisoara is one of the fairy-tale bases in Transylvania. Segersvár (Sighisoara) is a small city in Transylvania, with a history that made the city today one of the most famous cities in Romania. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site, and a very touristic place, thanks to the architecture and stories that were built around it. In this article, you will find out what makes Sighisoara Romania one of the best cities to visit in Romania, about the top things to do in Sighisoara Romania, about the free walking tour Sighisoara, and many more. Enjoy!

Find out why Sighisoara is so famous

things to do in sighisoara romania

Sighisoara, the famous city in the middle of Transylvania has a beautiful history and a beautiful appeal and for sure, it will amaze every tourist who is in the look for something different than the normal travel destinations they are used it. This tiny spot in Romania holds thousands of years of history and historical connections as an old Saxon city. If you’re visiting this beautiful region of Romania, make sure you check our article for the best places to stay in Transylvania first. Then, if you’re looking to stay in Sighisoara, check this article too!

There are a lot of questions such as: When was Vlad Tepes Born? When was Dracula born?, or Where did Dracula live in Transylvania? In this article, you will receive lots of information about Sighisoara Romania, about the best things to do in Sighisoara Romania, the top things to do in Sighisoara Romania, and many more. Find out where and when was Dracula born and lived.

The History of Sighisoara in Transylvania

things to do in sighisoara romania

Sighisoara (Segesvár) was populated from ancient times. The Romans called it Stenarum, at they had a Roman military station where now the city stands. Between 1141 and 1161 Géza II Hungarian king got the Saxons to settle down in Sighisoara (Segesvár). Quite fast the city became the center of the Saxon chair and they began building their wooden castle at the end of the 12th century.

The town was destroyed by the Tartar invasion which after the castle hill has been gradually incorporated with towers and walls. Now, in the medieval center of Sighisoara, the construction of the Castle Church began in the 12th century, then it was rebuilt in the 15th century again.

Sighisoara has also been a Hungarian royal city since the 13th century, and it was destroyed again by the Turks in the 15th century. Then, the castle was rebuilt again in the 16th century. During the reign of Matthias, king of Hungary, the citizens of Sighisoara took part in the uprising against the king. In 1506 the union of the three nations was settled here between the Saxons, Hungarians, and Romanians.

Later on, in the 16th century, 26 rebellious Szeklersz were executed in the castle. In 1600 Sighisoara was conquered first by princes of Wallachia and Moldavia Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave) and by Basta. In 1605 it was regained by Hungary, as well as the Transylvanian Hungarian Principality with the leadership of Mozes Szekely and the help of Turkish troops. As you may know, Hungary was occupied at this time half by Turks and half by Austria, however, the Principality of Transylvania was allowed to be formed autonomy.

Sighisoara was part of the principality for the next one and a half centuries, while it remained one of the bases of the Hungarian royalty. Later on, it was destroyed again in the 18th century during the Hungarian Revolution, and in 1849 the other Hungarian Revolution had one of the venues near the city, on the 31st of July this has been called the Battle of Sighisoara. After 1920, when Hungary lost more than 50% of its territory after WW1, the city, along with Transylvania became part of Romania.

When to visit Sighisoara?

The best times to visit Sighisoara Transylvania would be from the beginning of spring to autumn. If you decide to visit Sighisoara during this period, you can take advantage of every beautiful spot that it holds. and enjoy the colorful buildings all over the old town.

A mix of oranges, yellows, greens, and pinks stand out on every street, with colorful, filled with flowers windows. It is really easy to get from every visiting spot to another and during good weather, you can visit it during 5-6 hours of the tour.

If you are someone who doesn’t like crowds, we recommend you to not visit during summer, cause it’s the visiting season for tourists from all over the world.

How to get to Sighisoara? – On your way to the best things to do in Sighisoara Romania

Getting to Sighisoara is fairly easy. You can get there by train, by bus, or by hitchhiking as well. If you decide to make a Romanian tour and you want to include Sighisoara as well, you should research the cities around it. Brasov is the closest town to Sighisoara.

To find connections, you just have to type and search as Brasov Sighisoara bus and Brasov Sighisoara train. Several bus or train companies offer rides. Then, there is Cluj, at only around a maximum of two hours ride, You can search for Cluj Sighisoara connections, Cluj Sighisoara bus, and Cluj Sighisoara train and for sure, you will find your way.

The cities mentioned above are definitely among the best destinations to visit in Romania and they should be included as well in your trip. One more city to take into account is Bucharest, situated 222 km from Sighisoara, Romania’s capital should be the last destination point in your trip to Romania.

Same as for Cluj, you can search for Brasov Sighisoara bus, Bucuresti Sighisoara bus, etc. Seeing Cluj, Brasov, and Sighisoara Bucuresti would be a perfect ending to your Romanian experience. With only one different search for Brasov Sighisoara bus, Bucuresti Sighisoara Romania bus, or Cluj Sighisoara bus, you’ll find your way to get there.

10 BEST Things to Do in Sighisoara Romania

Once you get to Sighisoara, it is time to finally explore. Some specific things make Sighisoara the best wandering spot. From the epic views, gems, and medieval surroundings, handmade crafts, to history and culinary treats, Sighisoara has a lot more to offer than imagined. Explore the 10 best things to do in Sighisoara Transylvania.

1. Visiting the medieval town and find out where and when was Dracula born

things to do in sighisoara romania

Sighisoara has one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe. It is a small area that is definitely worth the visit. Tourists can explore it in a very quick amount of time while immersing themselves in the real medieval vibe.

Also, sometimes being able to even listen to medieval concerts, see how the medieval festivals in Sighisoara are, and find out the stories behind the Dracula stories, famous around the world.

2. The student stairs – Climbing the Student stairs, is one of the best things to do in Sighisoara Romania

things to do in sighisoara romania

One of the best attractions in Sighisoara is the wooden covered stairs. Built in 1642, the 172 steps stairs lead to the Church of Sighisoara, on the hill. The stairs had received the name the Student Stairs because lots of students used to climb them to get to their school, situated right after the Church. It is a historic site in Sighisoara, connecting the lower and upper parts of the Citadel of Sighisoara. They are worth the visit.

3. Eating at some nice local place

Gasthaus Alte Post restaurant – Photo from

Eating in Sighisoara old town is a definite must during your trip to Transylvania. The Medieval vibe restaurants, sometimes decorated as museums, and the amazing cafe bars, await you with Sighisoara’s delicate. To make sure that you won’t miss the best traditional food, Gasthaus Alte Post Restaurant Sighisoara is the ideal place to go. The Alte Post Restaurant Sighisoara is a mix of Romanian and Hungarian cuisine. It is a traditional restaurant that also has a terrace and a wine cellar.

There, while enjoying Sighisoara Transylvania’s typical ambiance, you can try some of the best dishes in Romania. From Polenta with cheese and cream to sarmale, goulash, paprikash, and also homemade deserts your culinary experience in Romania is one of the best.

4. Views over the town – Capturing the city view, is one of the best things to do in Sighisoara Romania

Sighisoara view – Photo from

If you are among the ones who love views, and landscapes and are on the lookout for one of the most beautiful views to capture, climbing or driving to Bella Vista restaurant in Sighisoara is the best thing to do.

It is quite easy to get there, as you just have to follow the signs that lead to Villa Franka and you will get to see the most amazing views of Sighisoara old town, the colorful medieval buildings, and the fairy-tale clock tower. Moreover, Admiring the views from Villa Franka is one of the best things to do in Sighisoara Romania.

5. Visiting the clock tower

things to do in sighisoara romania

You have to have a clock tower tour during your trip. It is one of the best things to visit in Sighisoara Transylvania. The Clock tower in Sighisoara or Turnul cu Ceas in Romanian is the entry point to the citadel. It is also one of the most expensive clock towers around Transylvania and had the purpose of defending the citadel.

Now, it is the highlight and Symbol of Sighisoara. This, along with its spectacular hour strike and figurines moving due to the clock mechanism. If you book a tour in the Clock tour, you’ll also find out many things about history, see the museum, and admire an amazing view from the Clock Tower balcony.

6. Visiting Dracula’s house

things to do in sighisoara romania
Medieval Sighisoara

Dracula’s house, or Casa Vlad Dracul in Sighisoara, is a museum and restaurant. It’s where you can have a tour of the restaurant Dracula Sighisoara, where was Vlad Tepes born. You can see the restaurant Dracula Sighisoara museum there when Dracula was born, where was Count Dracula born, and a Transylvania map.

Also, where did Dracula live in Transylvania? You can find out all you need to know about this because the restaurant was the place where Vlad Tepes was born. After the tour, you can enjoy traditional Romanian food at the downstairs restaurant. Visiting Restaurant Dracula Sighisoara is one of the best things to do in Sighisoara Transylvania.

7. Discovering the artistic crafts

things to do in sighisoara romania
Arts and Crafts Sighisoara – Photo from

One of the best things to do in Sighișoara Romania is to get introduced to the artistic medieval crafts. There is a diversity of handmade medieval jewelry, pottery, and other souvenirs that besides the authenticity, hold a great history and craftsmanship behind. It’s a total cultural immersion as the owners of those shops are always open to discussing every detail of their creations.

8. Visiting a wine cellar in the medieval town

Teo’s cellar – Photo from

It is necessary to not leave Sighisoara before you visit one of the wine cellars in the medieval town. There is a wine cellar called Teo’s cellar, and it’s owned by a couple who wanted to spread the knowledge about Sighisoara’s finest drinks and traditions. Inside the cellar, you can experience tastes of brandies and liqueurs, all local. Teo’s cellar is 500 years old, it has received several prizes and international recognition.

9. Admiring the surroundings and view around Turnul Cizmarilor Sighisoara

As the last stop, while you are in Sighisoara’s medieval center, you should add Turnul Cizmarilor. Turnul Cismarilor Sighisoara is one of the best places to see in the medieval town. NoA fairytale medieval setting, with an amazing view around the city, is what you will get there. Chill and experience the stoned paths, the tower, and the view, before you say goodbye to Sighisoara, until your next time.

10. Visiting the battle venue of the 1848-49 Hungarian revolution

As I have mentioned in the history of Sighisoara section, on the 31st of July in 1849, during the Hungarian Revolution against the rule of Austria, one of the bloodiest battles from Transylvania took part near Sighisoara. The Battle of Sighisoara is still marked, a few kilometers outside the city. You can see the statue of the famous Hungarian poet, Petofi Sandor (Alexander Petofi) there, since he lost his life (or disappeared, it’s still not clear) in this battle.

You can also visit the monument and museum for the Battle of Sighisoara’s located in Fehéregyháza (Albesti), A Fun fact about this place is, that under the courtyard is the mass grave of those Hungarians who have fallen in the battle.

Where to stay in Sighisoara, Romania?

When it comes to where to stay in Sighisoara, there are two, or three points to take into account. One of them would be a fair distance from Sighisoara’s old town. The second should be what kind of service you want to benefit from, And the third should be the period that you want to book the place. Our recommendations above show the best and highly rated places that would make you stay in Sighisoara the best.

1. Hotel Central Park Sighisoara

The Hotel Central Park Sighisoara is in one of the best locations around the medieval city. It is made by a mix of medieval vibes, antique design, and modern, luxurious pieces and amenities. The services are great, the rooms are beautiful and the restaurant offers some of the best culinary dishes in Transylvania. It is a synonym of Luxury found in Transylvanian cities, where history is preserved and represents the place most of the international tourists choose to rest in. Moreover, It is the best place to stay in Sighisoara Romania

2. Mercure Sighisoara Binderbubi Hotel & Spa

This amazing Mercure Hotel in Sighisoara, at only a 5 minutes walk from the medieval Market of Sighisoara is a perfect representation of Tyrolean history through decor. It is a good place to check in with the families that look out for a mixed experience in Sighisoara. Leisure and exploration blend well while staying at Mercure Sighisoara Binderbubi Hotel and Spa. Enjoyoy the experience of local foods of Sighisoara and the cool vaulted wine cellar that they have.

3. Hotel Casa Wagner

This Hotel in Sighisoara, the Hotel Casa Wagner is one of the most unique ones you would find in Transylvania. Hotel Casa Wagner is the choice for those who want to stay in Sighisoara for some days. It’s filled with history, as it is set on the main square of the Old Town, protected by Unesco. It has single rooms, double rooms, as well as apartments, all decorated to preserve the traditional old-style while having modern amenities as well. You also benefit from a courtyard to spend your time in and a wine cellar to explore. For sure, Hotel Casa Wagner is one of the best places to stay in Sighisoara.

Wrapping up all the information you found out about Sighisoara, the heart of Transylvania – Free walking tour Sighisoara

things to do in sighisoara romania

Sighisoara is a city of many things to find, explore, and learn about. That is why, tourists from all around the world, in big travel groups, are coming here. They want to experience something much more different than they have known before. It is a land of history, art, architecture, and culture and where great stories were born. This colorful small city in Transylvania is one of the most famous cities in Transylvania Romania. Here, is everything that would play a great role to feed your trip to Romania.

In this article, you find out about Sighisoara in Transylvania, how to get to Sighisoara from Brasov, Cluj, and Bucharest, what makes Sighisoara Famous, and Sighisoara history. You also know much more about the best things to do in Sighisoara Transylvania and also about when was Vlad Tepes born, where Vlad Tepes lived in Sighisoara and the best places to visit around Sighisoara Old Town.

One more thing before we go is that you should not miss the free walking tour Sighisoara. It’s available every day and you can book the free walking tour Sighisoara from the info center in the old town.

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