10 Best day trips from London

Are you tired of just visiting London because of everyone’s recommendation? You’re yearning to see other places, although your accommodation is in London? We are presenting you with the best day trips from London. These are beach day trips from London by train, day trips from London by train, Dorset day trip from London, Glastonbury day trip from London, one day trip to Oxford from London, and the Cotswolds day trip from London. You have a huge variety of places to select from and we can’t wait to share these ideas with you.

10 Best day trips from London

Don’t get me wrong, London is never boring and you can always find something to do there, however, the big city life can be overwhelming sometimes and we all need a break from it. The day trips from London will definitely help you break that cycle.

The best short day trips from London, a day trip to Cornwall from London, a day trip to Dorset from London and a day trip to Oxford and Cambridge from London, whichever you choose, you will have a really good time. These places all offer fun things to do and you get to see both beaches and architecture. We also added a bonus day trip to Paris from London. So let’s see what this day trips from London look like!

1. Day trip to Brighton from London

best day trips from london

Let’s start with one of the beach day trips from London by train. Taking the train from London to Brighton is very simple and you’ll literally be there in about one and a half hours. Either from London Victoria or London Blackfriars, tickets are usually around £20-£30. They can get cheaper, of course, depending on when you buy them. In case you want an even cheaper alternative, the coach is only £5, however, this will take you about 3 hours to get to Brighton.

The best day trips from London must start with a gorgeous beach such as in Brighton. It’s not just the beach that is so appealing and exciting to go to, you get to do many different activities if you plan a great itinerary. Some of the activities can be visiting the Hove Museum & Art Gallery, the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery and if you want to take children with you, why not go zip lining? That is always fun!

As with many beaches, the pier always has an adventure park with different attractions. You get to see the whole of Brighton from the Ferris wheel, play some arcade games, and not only that, the pier is full of restaurants and bars for more entertainment. The Brighton Toy and Model Museum is full of toys from your childhood dreams and it’s definitely worth the visit. Are you ready for some more day trips from Lonon?

2. Harry Potter Studio tour

best day trips from london

One of the best day trips from London is to visit the Harry Potter Studio. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you must take a day to visit this amazing place. The Warner Bros Studio can be found on the outskirts of London and you can get there by train, car, or even underground for a while. The fastest way is always the train, you avoid traffic and you save a lot of time. Whether you are in central London or in another zone, you can easily go up to the Harry Potter Studio.

So why is this so popular? Whoever loves Harry Potter will have an amazing experience here. The prices are actually very good considering how much you get to see. Usually, they are around £50 for adults and if you have children under the age of 4 they get to go inside for free. There are also group tickets and gift tickets available for purchase. I do have to warn you, they are pretty much sold out on most dates and you’ll have to really book your ticket in advance.

The studio will offer you a one-of-a-kind experience that you can get from the movies themselves, but this time you feel like you are a part of the Wizarding world. You can see the iconic sets of Great Hall or Diago Alley. The costumes such as the Quidditch costume of Harry Potter. Have you ever wondered how they made the magical creatures come to life? All of this you can find out at the Warner Bros Studio on your day trip from London. Let me not spoil any more!

3. One day trip to Oxford

best day trips from london

The famous city of Oxford is another one of the best day trips from London when you are not quite sure what to do. One day trip to Oxford from London is all you need on a sunny Saturday or Sunday. You can literally get there from central London to Oxford in about an hour by train. England makes the day trips from London by train very easy as the trains are so fast, you can get there in an hour, whereas the car would take you 2-3 hours. The tickets are around £15/way.

Once you are in Oxford enjoying your best day trips from London, you can learn all about this beautiful cities architecture and history. You get so many cultural options to check out. The Bodleian Library is Oxford University’s research library, the Ashmolean Museum, the Oxford Castle & Prison, Pitt Rivers Museum, the History of Science Museum, and many more. This is perfect for a one-day trip to Oxford from London.

In case you want to check out something else than museums, I recommend the Oxford Botanic Garden, the Covered Market where you get to visit artisan stores and you could even watch a play at the Sheldonian Theater. The restaurant selection in Oxford is high and you’ll get to taste traditional British food and some British desserts, as well as international foods. We also suggest a day trip to Oxford and Cambridge from London. One day you can spend the day in Oxford, the next day in Cambridge. Here are some other day trips from London by train!

4. Cambridge


Just like Oxford, Cambridge is also a university city and it is a good idea for day trips from London. A day trip to Oxford and Cambridge from London might want you to go to university and experience that uni life everyone wants to talk about. This isn’t really possible for most of us, however, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the city. Cambridge is just one hour away from London and the tickets are around £10 for one way.

What are the best things to do in Cambridge? When I visited Cambridge I mostly just walked around the city enjoying the beautiful day. It was a sunny day and my first trip to England so I was well excited. People usually want to visit the famous King’s College due to its gorgeous architecture. In case you are looking for some art, the Fitzwilliam Museum is worth going to.

I found the market stalls very interesting. You get to buy some food from here, flowers, ostrich burgers, and freshly squeezed juices. Markets are always a good way to pass time. For a gorgeous view of the city, climb up to the top of St Mary’s Church, which is a 123 step stair. You get to enjoy a panoramic view of Cambridge. A day trip to Oxford and Cambridge from London is all you really need on a warm weekend!

5. Cotswolds day trip from London

best day trips from london

The Cotswolds day trip from London might be easier to do by car as due to the connections, you are unable to take the direct train. By car from London, it would take you roughly 2 hours, however, if you wish to take the train, you would have to switch to a bus from Oxford and that will take you over 3 hours. Don’t let this discourage you, planning how to get to a place is not that complicated and the Cotswolds day trip from London is worth it.

What are the things you can see in Cotswolds and that makes it the best day trips from London? Because of the small cottages became the home of the most romantic street in Britain. If you visit during summer or autumn when the sun shines brightly, the stone cottages will turn cold by the rays of sunshine and makes it a romantic scenery.

While you are in Cotswolds, you can visit the Warwick Castle, built by William the Conqueror in 1068. In Burford, you will find the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens. A visit is also worth to Sudeley Castle & Gardens. Wherever you choose to go in the Costwolds day trip from London you will surely find it one of the exciting day trips from London as there is much to see.

6. Dorset


How can we not include more spectacular beach day trips from London by train? This will take you around 2 hours by train, depending on which town along the coast you are planning to visit. Dorset day trip from London is about the Jurassic Coast, a place of stunning seaside views and many small towns to spend the day at. Why is it worth going on this day trip to Dorset from London?

Well, you will experience a 154 km long Coast which is in today’s World Heritage Site. The reason why it is called Jurassic Coast is due to its 185 million years of geological history. Fossils have been preserved in the rocks and you can actually see seashells. The first area to visit which is also displayed in the picture is Durdle Door. This iconic erosion made it look like you get your own door in the sea.

Lulworth Cove is a small town, with fairytale-like houses. You can walk from Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove in about half an hour, how convenient! Explore the beach and hike up the hills to enjoy the views over the water. You can just sit in a small cafe after the hike to rest and carry on with walking to the next place which is Weymouth. Filled with English houses, you’ll also find nice little restaurants and cafes. Let’s see the next on the list of day trips from London.

7. Glastonbury


This majestical-looking place is in Glastonbury. The best day trips from London must include a visit to the famous Glastonbury Tor. From London, you can either take the train which is about 3 hours and a little or takes the car under 3 hours. As there is no direct train here, you would have to switch on the bus to take you to Glastonbury, so it is probably easier going by car. A Glastonbury day trip from London is just what you need.

While you are there, the number one thing to visit is Glastonbury Tor. Standing on an isolated sandstone hill over Somerset, this Iron Age building is probably one of the most mesmerizing buildings I have ever seen. It is also thought to be a Holy Grail site. Another interesting place to visit is the Glastonbury Abbey, a medieval site.

One of the largest monastic buildings is Abbot’s Kitchen, which is a site dating back to the 1300s. One of the world’s only surviving Medieval kitchens. Other places to visit would be the Chalice Well, Somerset Rural Life Museum and Glastonbury Tribunal. Saved the best for last which is the Glastonbury Festival that has been kept since the late 1960s. Tickets quickly sell out, so be sure to plan ahead!

8. Cornwall

best day trips from london

First of all, this might not exactly be one of those day trips from London like the rest of them, however, you can still make a day trip to Cornwall from London, with the exception you might have to stay the night. Seriously, it is worth it. Everyone knows Cornwall by now, beautiful beach, endless coast, clear water, simply breathtaking. If you do plan on taking the train, you could be in Cornwall in about 5 hours.

One of the fascinating places you have to visit on your day trips from London is the lost gardens of Heligan. The botanic gardens were once lost and now they are found. The Tintagel Castle can also be found in Cornwall and it is the home of the King Arthur legend. Why not go Kayaking while you are here? You can explore Cornwall just by kayaking!

There is an open-air theatre and you can find it in Cornwall. If you are a fan of Shakespeare, through the summer months there are many plays. The Tudor fort Pendennis Castles should be on your list of beach day trips from London by train. Just like the Tate Modern in London, Cornwall has its Tate St Ives. So which one of these places are you going to visit while in Cornwall?

9. Eastbourne

Eastbourne is another day trip from London which is well worth your time in case you are looking for beach day trips from London by train. It could not get any better than this, train tickets to Eastbourne are around £5! So from £10 a day you get to spend it on this breathtaking beach. I am telling you, the views are amazing.

The number one place you should visit is the Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters. Do you know all those movies filmed in England with towering cliffs that look over the sea? This place is just about that. The views are truly mesmerizing and you can even have tea and coffee at the visitors center while you enjoy the view. For open-air concerts, you can visit the Bandstand which was completed in 1935.

Then you also have Eastbourne beach which is different from the Birling Gap. At the beach, you get to do the regular activities, which are visiting the attractions at the pier, enjoying some fish and chips in the restaurants, swim if the weather is nice. You can also do windsurfing! We really recommend visiting Eastbourne, one of the best day trips from London.

10. Hever Castle

best day trips from London

The last of the day trips from London and day trips from London by train is Hever Castle. Hever is located in Kent and it is less than an hour away from central London, tickets are around £15 one way. We love castles in England and you shouldn’t miss visiting Hever Castle. What is interesting about this castle is that it used to be a country house built in the 13th century.

The Boleyn family used to live here between 1462 and 1539. Anne Boleyn is the one who spent most of her childhood in this castle and because of her it became a very famous tourist attraction. Even if it wasn’t for Anne, the castle itself is a joy for the eyes with its gardens and lakes.

In case you want to visit, there are all kinds of events and exhibitions. You can see floors with antique furniture, Anne Boleyn’s prayer books, torture instruments, and also a large collection of Tudor’s paintings. If you do want to visit, you would have to buy the tickets in advance. We think it is definitely worth the visit!

Bonus: Day trip to Paris from London


The lovely Paris is very accessible from London. You don’t have to drive to the airport hours and then wait there for another 1 hour until you get on the plane. Take a train from central London on the Eurostar train and be in Paris in about 2 hours. You can literally plan a day trip to Paris from London.

As far as pricing, you probably can’t beat the price either. If you plan in advance you can get away with a return ticket of £100 and enjoy a few hours in this magical city. The best day trips from London are going to be the ones you least think about, such as going to Paris.

While you are there for the day, we would probably recommend visiting the famous attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Arc de Triomphe. The Museum itself would probably take up a few hours, so you would have to prioritize the things to visit. In case you are feeling fancy, you could even go for a nice dinner in Paris and then return to London!

Day trips from London – Conclusion

We are really excited for you to go on the best day trips from London, the most exciting probably being the day trip to Paris from London. This day trips from London by train are all accessible, mostly budget-friendly and they will make you get away from the big city life for a while. Dorset day trip from London, Glastonbury day trip from London, the one day trip to Oxford from London, the Cotswolds day trip from Lond and the day trip to Oxford and Cambridge from London are all good ideas if you want to pass time with your loved ones.

My favorite ones are the beach day trips from London by train as they are the most exciting best short day trips from London you could have. Which places would you visit if you were to plan day trips from London?

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