15 most important landmarks in England

We have gathered the 15 most famous landmarks in England and we are very excited for you to visit them. These are the natural landmarks in England and important landmarks in England. Bridges, buildings, monuments, cathedral, you have a list of famous landmarks in England that you must visit. All of them have an impressive history and some will definitely take you back in time.

15 most important landmarks in England

The important landmarks in England have been around for many many years, they are still standing tall and proud. From London to Manchester, covering big cities as well as small villages, these famous landmarks in England are worth your while if you are not quite sure where else to go in England. Let’s see what story they are hiding.

1. Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

In the county of Somerset, you can find one of the most famous landmarks in England, Glastonbury Tor. You can spot the monument from miles away. The roofless St Michael’s Tower is a Grade I listed building. Like many places in England, the National Trust is taking care of this site and it is a scheduled monument. The reason why this is so special and one of the natural landmarks in England is due to its Celtic mythological and spiritual associations.

The Glastonbury Tor is still unexplainable in many aspects. During the 20th-century archeologists tried to find explanations for the background of the monument and church, however, they didn’t have much luck. They found human artifacts dating from the Iron Age to the Roman eras. The church we see today was originally destroyed in an earthquake in 1275 and rebuilt a few times during the 14th century. There you have the first one on the list of famous landmarks in England. Let’s see the rest!

2. Cheddar Gorge, Cheddar

famous landmarks in england

The natural landmarks in England include Cheddar Gorge, a famous landmark in England found near the village of Cheddar. The gorge (a narrow valley between hills or mountains) is the site where the oldest complete human skeleton, the Cheddar Man was found. Archeologists believe that this skeleton is around 9,000 years old and it was found in 1903. The Cheddar Gorge is also a part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest which is called Cheddar Comples.

The caves were carved by an underground river that contains stalactites and stalagmites. Cheddar Gorge has become one of the second greatest natural wonders in Britain and over 500,000 tourists visit the site. The gorge is the perfect place to visit in case you are looking for some natural beauty and a place to hike. You are able to walk and cycle as well, the hills offer a scenic view and will surely calm you down.

3. Central Library, Manchester

Central Library

Central Library in Manchester is a famous landmark in England due to its architectural style deriving from the Pantheon, Rome. The big mirrors were quite popular in the 1930s when the library was constructed. This wonderful building will surely make you feel like you are back in time whether you are looking at it from the outside or from the inside. The most famous room that is highly visited by tourists is the Wolfson Reading Room.

There are quite a few collections to view here. First, we have the Gaskell Collection, works by Elizabeth Gaskell. Elizabeth is one of the most important writers to have lived in Manchester. Secondly the Theatre Collection, a record of the history of theatre in Manchester. Thirdly you will find the Newman Flower Collection of Hanel Manuscripts. These are works by George Frederic Handel and also include sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi.

4. Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Spinnaker Tower

A list of famous landmarks in England will surely include this observation tower in Portsmouth, the Spinnaker Tower. The shape was actually chosen by residents, they had the chance to choose from 3 different designs: Globe, Triple, and Spinnaker. The tower was designed by HGP Architects and engineering consultant Scott Wilson. The reason why they built the tower is to reflect Portsmouth’s maritime history. The spinnaker represents a type of sail that balloons outward.

The Spinnaker Tower is 171 meters tall and it is visible from 37 km away. The year of the opening was 2005 and ever since it has become one of the important landmarks in England. Of course, visitors can go up the tower and enjoy some stunning views that can stretch up to 23 miles. The sunsets are absolutely incredible from the top. You can see all 3 Solent forts from the tower and in case the weather isn’t the best and you have already bought your tickets, you will get a complimentary ticket for another day!

5. Iron Bridge, Shropshire

Iron Bridge, Shropshire

Ironbridge is actually a large village in which the Iron Bridge, one of the famous landmarks in England and the world’s first iron bridge opened can be found. Shropshire is considered the “Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution”. The bridge was built by Abraham Darby III whose grandfather Abraham Darby found the perfect technique of smelting iron with coke (fuel) this way he was able to produce cheaper iron. The Iron Bridge stretches across the River Severn.

The reason why the bridge was built is to support the transportation of goods across the River Severn and to cut down on traffic. Thanks to this design other engineers were also inspired and have built many enduring bridges over the years. The Iron Bridge even survived the great flood of 1795. This structure is almost 400 tons! Thanks to English Heritage the bridge went through renovations in 2018 and now it’s one of the important landmarks in England.

6. Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

The next one on the list of famous landmarks in England is the Radcliffe Camera. The Camera words might be deceiving, however, it comes from the Latin word ‘room’. This gorgeous building is a part of Oxford University and was designed by James Gibbs in a neo-classical style. The building was built in 1791-49 and it houses the Radcliffe Science Library. The exterior will look fabulous on your pictures of Oxford.

Radcliffe Camera, a famous landmark in England held a great number of books until 1810, covering a wide range of subjects. Geroge Williams was the one to narrow it down to sciences. This library is part of the central Bodleian Library complex. Radcliffe holds about 600,000 books from which students can select for their studies. In case you wanted to learn more about the Radcliffe Camera you would have to go on an Oxford Walking tour and learn all about it!

7. Coventry Cathedral, Coventry

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral, a famous landmark in England is the seat of the Bishop of Coventry and the Diocese of Coventry. The ruins of the cathedral are definitely worth the visit. Coventry was hit during the Blitz and the cathedra was nearly destroyed. The stained glasses are still standing and if you visit in the morning you’ll see them in their most glorious state. Previously there were three cathedrals. The name of this one is Saint Michael.

The Saint Michael church was constructed between the late 14th and early 15th centuries from red stone. The only thing that remains from the church is the tower, spire, the outer wall, and the bronze effigy. Like many of the famous landmarks in England, Coventry Cathedral is also a Grade I listed building. The spire is 81 meters long and it’s the tallest structure in the city. In case you are into architecture, you cannot leave out visiting this magnificent building, or what is left of it.

8. Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon

Shakespeare's Birthplace

If you are a fan of Shakespeare’s poetry then you definitely need to visit the next on the list of famous landmarks in England which is Shakespeare’s Birthplace and old house. This building is a restored 16th-century half-timbered house and it is located in Stratford-upon-Avon. William Shakespeare is believed to have spent his childhood years in this house after he was born in 1564.

You are able to visit the house as it is a small museum open to the public. It has often been called “a mecca for all lovers of literature”. One of the most important landmarks in England is also one that is the most photographed in the country. In the museum, you will find recreations of the family life of Shakespear. Even the walled garden was made to imitate the time when Shakespear would be alive and the type of flowers and herbs he would have had.

9. Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln

famous landmarks in england

I for one love these types of buildings. The Lincoln Cathedral in Lincoln is a Grade I listed building constructed in gothic style. This majestical building is a famous landmark in England and constructions started in 1072 and have been built through several phases in the High Middle Ages. When the high central spire was completed in 1311 it was considered the tallest building in the world at 160 meters, this even passed the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Sadly the spire collapsed in 1548 and was never rebuilt. Important copies of the original Magna Carta were held in the Cathedral. The Lincoln Cathedral is one of the famous landmarks in England and it is highly regarded by architectural scholars. It features the Lincoln Imp, Wren Library, Rose windows, vaults, tower clock, and bells. The cathedral is the type of building you can look at for hours and still find new details. Have you been here before?

10. Angel of the North, Gateshead

Angel of the North, Gateshead

This intriguing sculpture is called The Angel of the North and it is one of the important landmarks in England that you can view from the A1 motorway. Antony Gormley built the sculpture in 1998 on the site of a former coal mine in Gateshead. The wings stretch out to 54 meters and the body is 20 meters long! They say if the statue was on its side it would be taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York. We can say for sure it is the biggest angel sculpture in the world.

So why was The Angel of the North built? This contemporary sculpture was built by Antony to recognize the sacrifice of the miners who had worked on constructions for two centuries. Even though the Angel of the North was a controversial piece and many had doubts during the construction as they thought it would distract drivers, today it is the most viewed art piece in the world.

11. Humber Bridge, Lincolnshire Yorkshire

famous landmarks in england

Here we have the longest suspension bridge in England for 16 years that connects Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Humber Bridge was built in order to help people take their products from one side to the other. Humber Estuary used to be a barrier to trade and development between the two banks. Constructions were finally approved to start from 1972. It took 8 years to build the bridge, taking up 1000 workers. One of the famous landmarks in England.

Finally, the bridge was opened on the 24th of June 1981 and the same year on the 17th of July the Queen herself performed the formal opening ceremony. Humber Bridge was great potential in commercial and industrial development. In case you wanted to go from Hull to Grimsby the miles would reduce from 82 to 42 thanks to the new bridge. Humber Bridge, a famous landmark in England is visited by tourists from all over the world.

12. Tate Modern, London

famous landmarks in england

Tate Modern is one of my favorite museums in London and it’s on our list of famous landmarks in England. The building itself has an interesting shape and can be seen from across the Millenium Bridge. The gallery was originally the National Gallery of British Art founded in 1897. Only in 1932, it was renamed the Tate Gallery as its role changed to include the national collection of modern art as well as British art.

Tate Modern is one of the important landmarks in England and in London. Thankfully the building is still in its original condition. Visitors will be able to walk through a vast industrial space and admire modern art and sculptures on display. You will find important works like “Nude Woman with Necklace” by Pablo Picasso, “Mountain Lake” by Salvador Dalí, and “Marilyn Diptych” by Andy Warhol. We can only recommend visiting this beautiful piece of art from the outside and inside.

13. Tyne Bridge, Newcastle and Gateshead

famous landmarks in england

Tyne Bridge is a famous landmark in England and it has a very interesting design as it was modeled after the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The bridge was opened in 1928 with the attendance of King George V and it has become a symbol of Tyneside. Tyne Bridge is considered the tenth tallest structure in the city. This wasn’t the first bridge across the Tyne. Pons Aelius built another bridge on the site of the present Swing Bridge around 122.

Unlike the rest of the important landmarks in England, Tyne Bridge was listed as a Grade II building. This means that the bridge has an important structure of more than special interest. Having GRade II listing means there is architectural and historic interest. The Architectural interest is about the striking steel arch design is very similar to the Sydney Harbor. The historic interest means that the bridge is associated with some of the most distinguished 20th-century civil engineers. Tyne Bridge a famous landmark in England surely deserves a visit from you.

14. Chats worth House, Derbyshire

Chats worth House, Derbyshire

Chatsworth House is located in Derbyshire and it is the seat of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Today it is considered a famous landmark in England and one of the natural landmarks in England. The beautiful house is surrounded by parklands with green grass. Before it belonged to the Cavendish family. Inside the house, you can find collections of furniture, paintings, Old Master drawings, books, and neoclassical sculptures.

Chatsworth House has been a Grade I listed property since the 18th century and Britain’s favorite country house. In 2011-2012 restorations of £14 million were done. The good news is that you can visit Chatsworth’s house. Usually, it is one from 10 am to 5.30 pm. The house has 126 rooms, however, 100 of them are closed to visitors. That shouldn’t discourage anyone from visiting and enjoying some time around the parks!

15. Roman Baths, Bath

famous landmarks in england

We have got to the last of the famous landmarks in England, the Roman Baths. Found in Bath, Somerset, the Roman Baths is a well-preserved thermae. Constructed between 60-70 AD in the decades of Roman Britain. The bath was designed for public bathing, used until the end of Roman rule in Britain in the 5th century AD. Preserved in four main features: the Sacred Spring, Roman Temple, Roman Bath House, and a museum that holds artifacts from Aquae Sulis.

The roman Baths is a major tourist attraction in England, sadly you can only look at the bath and not enter the water. In the museum, you can view artifacts such as Denari coins and the gilt bronze head of the goddess Sulis Minerva. There have been modifications made to the bath during the 12th century. A curative bath was built over the King’s Spring reservoir and during the 16th century, a new bath was built for the queen. It really is a shame that nobody can bathe in this, however, being present there will make you feel what the royal family did when taking baths.

List of famous landmarks in England

We have gathered the most famous landmarks in England in this article. The natural landmarks in England and the list of famous landmarks in England are going to satisfy your adventurous needs. Full of history, legacies, kings and queens, engineers, people who contributed to these landmarks, who died years ago yet their legacies are still standing proud. These important landmarks in England will always be cherished and we can only hope they get to survive a few hundred years more.

While you’re in England, don’t forget to visit some haunted castles and the most beautiful castles in all of England.

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