10 best places for a vacation in Greece

Have you ever thought about what your dream destination would be? Just escape on a private beach drinking Piña Coladas and never returning home. While we can’t really escape reality, we can still travel and explore new places. In this article, we want to bring you the best pales in Greece and the best vacation spots in Greece. The best places to visit in Greece are simply breathtaking, diverse, some of them are budget-friendly while others are a luxury trip. Regardless, these beautiful places in Greece and the best places to visit in Greece will blow your mind.

10 best places for a vacation in Greece

We have also talked about the average cost to vacation in Greece and the best tourist destinations in Greece. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a relaxing holiday or to explore Greek culture and cuisine there is an island or city for you. These Greece destinations are popular in the world for a reason. We have presented you with some not-so-popular islands, so you might be one of the first among your friends to discover them! If you are wondering what to do in Greece, what to eat and where should you stay, we have also included everything for you. Just sit back and relax, read this list of the most beautiful places in Greece!

You don’t have to discover the beauty of Greece only on foot or by car. You can rent a yacht, become the captain for a few days, and experience a great adventure. You will also get a unique view of some of the more than 6,000 islands of this “land of the gods”, or a breathtaking sunset at sea.

1. Crete

best places in Greece

We chose Crete as the first of Greece destinations for obvious reasons. Crete is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Greece that you should visit once in your lifetime. Why should you visit Crete? This small island will amaze you with its beauty, culture, cuisine, and diversity. But before you plan a trip, you might be wondering how much is it to vacation in Greece? The average cost for two people to go to Crete is around €1200. This is just an estimate, prices may depend on everyone’s budget, hotel choice, flight choice, and so on. The best time to visit the island is through mid-May to June, or September to October.

Now that you know the reason why Crete is one of the best places to visit in Greece, let’s see how to get there. Crete is an independent Island from Greece, so you must travel by plane. Many cities have direct flights to the island, otherwise, you might want to visit Athens first then take another flight to Crete. Where to stay then? Should you go to a hotel or Airbnb? You have many options to choose from, a great number of hotels and small villas. Mala Villa is a great option that offers a spectacular view and jacuzzi. Other options are the Castell Hotel, Calmare, and Epavli Boutique Hotel.

What to do in Crete? Besides enjoying the views and getting a tan on the beach, there are a few things to do. You must visit Balos Lagoon, Samaria Gorge and Voulisma beach. You could also go hiking, on a cruise, or rent a luxury boat. There are many options for a safari adventure offroad trip, and of course, enjoy the local food. Where to eat in Crete? The best restaurants for local food are Pelagos, Avli, Peskesi, Tholos Restaurant, and Karnagio. Crete is the first on our list of best places in Greece due to its beauty and diversity throughout the island. Let’s move on to the next of Greece destinations.

2. Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and the best vacation spots in Greece. The views, villas, seaside, and food are just captivating and will draw anyone in. So why do we recommend visiting Mykonos, the best places to go in Greece? If you want to have the best time of your life then Mykonos is the place to go. We will say that Mykonos is more pricey than Crete. The average cost to vacation in Greece is usually affordable, however, Mykonos can cost up to €2.500 just for one person! If you do have this money to spear, then you should visit around September to October to get the most out of this place.

How to get to Mykonos? As again it is a separate island, the best way is through the plane. You can also take the ferry from Athens which will take around 2 hours. Where to stay in Mykonos? Hotels will not be cheap on this small island, but if you book in advance you might get some good offers. A hotel with a spectacular view is Damianos Mykonos Hotel. Other great options are Paradise View Hotel, O Lofos Luxury Boutique Suites, and the list goes on and on. You can also rent out wonderful Airbnb apartments and villas with a private pool for the best experience in Mykonos, excellent Greece destinations.

Where to eat in Mykonos? There are many options, but we would always suggest the local restaurants for the authentic taste. Restaurants like Bakalo, Buddha Bar, Catari, Chez Katrin, and Coya, just to name a few. Some of the best things to do in Mykonos don’t always have to be around sitting on the beach all day. You can hire a moped and roam around the island. A must-visit is the windmills of Kato Mili, Paraportiani Church, Agios Nikolaos Church. You can also visit Mykonos’s own little Venice. Mykonos is yet again versatile, whether you are visiting to have a relaxed holiday or have lots of fun, it will not disappoint. Let’s hop on to the next ride to the best places to go in Greece.

3. Santorini

best places in Greece

Santorini does not need any introduction as to why it is the most visited and best places in Greece. What is the reason everyone visits Santorini? Besides the obvious, gorgeous sunsets, the little villas on the hill, Santorini is a romantic holiday destination. If you want to surprise your loved one, Santorini is the place to be. We have to ask the most important questions, which is how much is it to vacation in Greece? Well, Santorini is much more expensive than Mykonos. On a 7 day trip, you could spend over €2500 alone. If you want to reduce your costs then try to avoid visiting during the summer months. During September and October, there are fewer tourists thus making it more affordable.

How to get to Santorini? You can reach it the fastest way by ferry. If you fly to Crete for example, there is a 2-hour ferry ride that takes you directly to Santorini. With the ferry, you get to enjoy a beautiful trip and see the islands from the ocean. Now that you are in Santorini, where should you stay? Depending on your budget again, there are many options. The Aeolos Eco Studios & Suites for adults only have quite good prices and the views are spectacular from here. There are cheaper alternatives such as the Spiridoula Villa where you can rent an entire studio. Another amazing affordable find is the Horizon Resort. Wherever you might stay, Santorini will amaze you and prove why it is the most beautiful places in Greece.

Where to eat in Santorini? As Santorini is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Greece, you can find a wide variety of restaurants. Santo Athiri Restaurant is an authentic Greek restaurant and is very highly rated. Other Greek ones are Katsaboo Restaurant, Salty Bone, and Rymidi Restaurant. What to see in Santorini? You can visit the best beaches in Santorini, like Kamari Beach, Red Beach and White Beach. Rent a jet ski from Perissa beach, go on a hike from Fira to Oia to experience one of the best views and best places to visit in Greece. Besides Santorini, there are many other beautiful beaches and the best places in Greece you must visit!

4. Athene

How could we not talk about Athens, the best vacation spots in Greece. Athens is full of archeological treasures that make it mandatory to visit in your lifetime. So what is the average cost to vacation in Greece? Compared to other capitals, Athens is not an expensive city. You can get away with spending €5-10 at a restaurant on a meal. Drinks might be expensive, which is normal for every capital. When is the best time to visit? Between March and May are great as it is not too hot and later on in the fall September to November. You would reduce your costs significantly by avoiding the summer months.

How do you get to Athens, the best places to go in Greece? As it is the capital of Greece, you will have direct flights from pretty much every country. Getting to Athens is much easier than traveling to any of the islands. Now, where should you stay in the capital? Athens has some lovely hotels you can stay at. The closest ones to the city center are NLH Kerameikos, Iasonos Suites, BED in Athens, or Bohemian Suites Athens. If you prefer apartments rather than hotels, Airbnb has some luxury ones for as little as €50/night. These hotels really offer you beautiful vacation spots in Greece.

Where to eat in Athens? As it is the capital of Greece, you will have so many options to choose from. It all depends on research and the area you are staying in. Klimataria serves traditional Greek food along with music and dance. For a Greek taverna experience, choose To Kati Allo. Another great Greek option would be Nice ‘n’ Easy. These are just some of the restaurants and best places to go in Greece for amazing food. What should you do in Athens? Most people have Acropolis on their list and how could they not? Acropolis is filled with history and it is a truly iconic sight. Other mentionable sights are the Temple of Poseidon, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the National Gardens, and the Plaka Neighbourhood.

5. Corfu

Corfu is another popular destination and the best places in Greece, but also one of the most beautiful places in Greece people tend to visit. People in Greece call Corfu the emerald queen of the Greek Islands. Why did Corfu become so popular among the best places to visit in Greece? Just by thinking of the emerald queen name it indicates that Corfu’s beaches are breathtaking. You get to see panoramic sea views with sunsets and sunrises. For this alone we recommend visiting Corfu. Of course, we have to talk about how much is it to vacation in Greece. Surprisingly, the price is reasonable. For a 7 day trip alone to the island of Corfu, you could get away with spending around €1,500. We always say this is just an estimate and it really depends on each and everyone’s budget.

Corfu is not that difficult to reach. The easiest way to get to the island is either by ferry from Greece or even by plane from either Greece or a few European cities. The ferries depart daily from mainland Greece and it only takes about an hour to get to the island. Perfect time for you to enjoy the views with a cocktail in hand. Where to stay in Corfu? Again, depending on your budget there are a few places we recommend. If you wish to be close to the beach and still have your own pool then Labranda Sandy Beach should meet your needs. Sentido Apollo Palace is another great option, considering it is a 5-star hotel the price is really good! This all-inclusive hotel Almyros Beach is spectacular with lots of facilities and beautiful rooms.

Where to eat in Corfu? The best of the Greek restaurants are Nikos Family Taverna, The Best (is it really?), Romeos Cafe-Taverna and Chris’s Palace. All of these also serve Mediterranean food so make sure to check them out and see which one’s menu is the most appealing for you. Now for the fun part, what to do in Corfu? Needless to mention, you should go around the island and enjoy its beauty. Best way to do this? Rent a boat and start rowing. We also recommend visiting Corfu Town as ut us a UNESCO-listed town. There is an ancient monastery Paleokastritsa. While visiting this you also get to see a stunning view of the bay and sheer cliffs. In our eyes, Corfu is without a doubt one of the most beautiful vacation spots in Greece.

6. Cephalonia / Kefalonia

One of the many faces of Greece or should we say many islands of Greece is Kefalonia, otherwise known as Cephalonia. This is yet again among the best vacation spots in Greece and most beautiful places in Greece. We won’t even mention the stunning beaches. People tend to choose Kefalonia as their Greece destinations due to its biodiversity and also nightlife. What does biodiversity mean for Kefalonia? Well, it has everything from forests to olive groves, vineyards, and sandy beaches. We must also know the average cost to vacation in Greece. It is slightly more affordable than Corfu. For 7 days alone it would cost around €1,100. Going as a couple might save you a bit more on accommodation and food.

Same as most of the islands, Kefalonia can be reached by ferry from Patras or Kyllini. All of the ferries operate during the year. There are also direct flights to the island from some of the main airports throughout Europe. What about hotels in Kefalonia? We are pleased to say that your dream destination is affordable and you will have the time of your flight. So many great hotels and apartments with sea views. Some of the best ones are Villa Theodora and Villa Serenity offers the most spectacular views of them all. Diana Studios will also take your breath away with the panoramic view of the sea and mountains. What will be your choice of accommodation?

Where to eat in Kefalonia? The best Greek restaurants will yet again not disappoint you even on this island. Casa Grec offers authentic Greek dishes in the port of Argostoli. Elli’s is a cafe and restaurant in one. Ampelaki is like a modern Greek taverna you should absolutely visit. What can you do on the amazing island of Kefalonia? Have you seen in the movies picturesque little villages in Greece? In Kefalonia, you will find the cutest little village called Assos. Two of the best beaches to relax on are Myrtos Beach and Petani Beach. If you are feeling a little too active, why not hike Kefalonia’s mountain at 1,628 meters and visit the National Park? As you can see the best places to go in Greece are diverse and you will have a lot of fun!

7. Zakynthos / Zante

We arrived at the Greek gem, Zakynthos, the best places in Greece and best places to visit in Greece for many. Their sandy beaches are mesmerizing, crystal clear waters will draw you in for a swim, the rural villages will surely seduce you to buy a few goods. These are enough reasons for you to visit Zakynthos, one of the few beautiful vacation spots in Greece. How much is it to vacation in Greece? Zakynthos is not the most expensive place, but still, depending on when do you go and where do you stay it can cost you over €1000/person. Is it worth it? Most certainly, this beautiful island has so much to offer, making it the perfect tourist destinations in Greece.

How do you get to Zakynthos? You can easily take a flight from major cities, but the best way is to take the ferry from Athens to the Island directly. The same as with the rest of the islands, the ferry can take you in just an hour, saving you all the hassles of planes. Which hotels should you stay at in Zakynthos? If you want a big private studio, Alykanas Beach Grand Hotel by Zante Plaza is a great option. Belussi Beach Hotel & Suites, Amboula Beach Apartments, Level 3 Sea View Studio are all great options for beautiful sea views and amazing accommodation for you and your family. Prices are quite cheap, even for hotels, however, we would recommend apartments as you do get more space for the price.

Where to eat in Zakynthos? Quite a few places offer Greek food. Some of these are San Leon Tavern Restaurant, Ambrosia Restaurant, Sizzlebang House, Narkissos, and many more. Most of these restaurants also serve seafood or Mediterranean dishes! What should you visit while in Zakynthos? The most iconic scenery and best places to go in Greece is the Navagio (Shipwreck Cove). Navagio beach will mesmerize you with its glowing blue waters reflecting on the cliff. Talking of blue, you can visit the Blue Caves, which takes you through a set of limestone sea caves. If you want to see some architecture, Agios Dionisios Church is the place to go to. Or lay on the Banana Beach for the whole day sipping on cocktails!

8. Rhodes

I’ve been fascinated by one of the wonders of the world the Colossus of Rhodes. Sadly, this statue collapsed in 226 BC, or so do our history books say. Regardless, it would have looked magnificent today. But this isn’t the reason why Rhodes is one of the best vacation spots in Greece and most beautiful places in Greece. Rhodes is one of the perfect Greece destinations with ideal climate conditions. As with any of these beautiful islands, you can easily reach Rhodes either by plane or ferry, although the ferries do take longer. What about the average cost to vacation in Greece? Average costs can range from €1,500 – 2000/ person for a week.

Where to stay while you are in Rhodes? There are a number of options, you can choose hotels or apartments. The best apartments are Althea Apartments, Koskinou Traditional House, Villa Limnioni, and Casa del Sol. The best hotels are Haven Beach, Elakati Luxury Boutique Hotel, and Nikos Takis Fashion Boutique Hotel for an unforgettable experience. Where to eat in Rhodes? Some of the best-rated restaurants are Village Taste, Mylos A La Carte Restaurant, Mariposa Restaurant. What about bars? While in Rhodes you must try Cavo Tango Sushi Cocktail bar, Gre Cafe, Happy Friends, and many more.

We chose Rhodes as the best places to go in Greece for a reason. What should you do in Greece? The Medieval City of Rhodes is the perfect place to start with. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage it is counted as the largest preserved fortified city in Europe. Then you have your modern Rhodes city, Mandraki. This is where the Colossus of Rhodes was built, although you will have to imagine it there. Lindos is a beautiful village in Rhodes and a major archeological site. Perfect for your Instagram pictures! You have to visit the best beaches in Rhodes: Tsambika, Saint Paul’s Bay, Faliraki Beach, and Afandou. Whether you just sit on the beach or go explore, Rhodes has something for everyone and it’s one of the best vacation spots in Greece!

9. Skiathos

From the many islands of Greece, Skiathos is one of the best places to visit in Greece and has beautiful vacation spots in Greece. Why is it worth visiting Skiathos? This island is famous for its amazing beaches, cosmopolitan aura, and also its nightlife. The small villages offer a picturesque view you will never forget. How much is it to vacation in Greece? These prices are quite similar between the islands. I have repeated myself, but it is true. The average cost for a whole week in Skiathos would be around €1,500/person. While it seems a lot, you deserve to get away on an island and get a beautiful tan or discover old ruins.

How to get to Skiathos? You can fly to Skiathos International Airport which is only 2 km away from Skiathos Town. Ferries are also available from Agios Konstantinos and it gets you to the island very quickly. Where to stay while in Skiathos? The most rated apartments in Skiathos are Stenaki, Kolios Hillside Villa. There are not too many hotels in Skiathos, we would mostly recommend mend renting a whole apartment or villa. But if you prefer hotels, then you can try Anemoni Beach Hotel or La Piscine Art Hotel. Where to eat in Skiathos? For Greek dishes, Jhonny’s, Maistrali and Anastasia’s Restaurant. For more alternatives try Agnadio, Maistrali or Ricchi E Poveri.

What to visit in Skiathos? We have mentioned Skiathos Old Town before, which is the perfect place to start with. These small little streets are just perfect for a day’s walk. Discovering cafes and restaurants and small boutiques. Lalaria Beach will take your breath away. The clear water and white beach just make you feel like you are in paradise. No wonder Skiathos is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Greece. Agia Eleni Beach was named thanks to the chapel close to it. It’s a sandy bay and you’ll find many sun loungers to help you relax on a hot sunny day. For more beauty on the island, visit Trolous Beach, the water will not disappoint you!

10. Milos

We end with a bang, Milos, the best places in Greece and the most beautiful places in Greece. Milos is actually considered a luxury destination in Greece. Their beaches and crystal clear water are a joy to the eye, not to mention the best sunsets you have ever seen. Is this a good enough reason to visit Milos? Surprisingly, Milos is not that expensive, so it brings down the average cost to vacation in Greece. It should be around €1,500/person for 7 days unless everyone starts raising their prices due to the pandemic.

How to get to Milos, the best vacation spots in Greece? Milos is easily reachable by ferry from Athens ports, or if you wish to fly instead, get a plane from Athens International Airport. Where to stay in Milos? If you have some extra money to spare, a fantastic hotel is Artemis Deluxe Rooms. Another great alternative is Delmar Apartments & Suites Milos or Psaravolada Hotel Milos. Where to eat in Milos? Authentic Greek dishes are served at OKTO Milos, Barriello, Akrotiri Seafood Obsession, and Oh Hamos.

What to do in Milos? We already said that Milos is a luxury destination and it is thanks to Kleftiko. You will experience nature at its best, white cliffs and outcrops reached by glowing blue water. For more white sandy beaches, Sarakiniko is the perfect place to visit. Although you might not spend a lot of time here, the Ancient Theatre of Milos is a great site to visit in case you like history. Plaka Castle is in the village of Plaka with the best sunsets from the hill. You’ll see a panorama of the whole island! Which of these Greece destinations will you visit?

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Best places to visit in Greece – Conclusion

Now that you have reached the end of our article of best vacation spots in Greece and best places in Greece, we hope you have found at least one place you would love to visit. Learning about how much it is to vacation in Greece prior to going is important if you are on a budget. Not everyone should spend thousands of euros to go to Mykonos when you can rent a private villa in Kefalonia for less. These beautiful vacation spots in Greece have truly amazed us with their beauty and culture.

If you like traveling as much as we do check out our article on the 15 best cities to visit in Europe. For more summer destinations, click on the best places to visit in Morocco. If you are reading this before Christmas, don’t forget to read about the best Christmas Markets in Europe.

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