AirHelp Review – What to Do if My Flight is Delayed or Cancelled

Whether it’s a business trip or a private getaway, if you are a frequent flyer, the name AirHelp may sound familiar. Unfortunately, air travel has become more and more unpleasant in recent years. So it doesn’t hurt to prepare for annoying situations consciously. Unexpected changes, flight delays, canceled flights, and lost luggage are the most common problems you can encounter when you’re about to fly, and the sad reality is that regardless of the airline, these unpleasantries happen much more often than you think. AirHelp provides effective support in case of lost luggage and late flight but also offers the possibility to claim cancelled flight compensation and delayed flight compensation. But how exactly does it work? What do AirHelp reviews say? Is AirHelp legit? We will reveal everything below, here comes our AirHelp review.

AirHelp Reviews – Is AirHelp legit?

canceled flight compensation

Many people, especially those who travel less often, don’t know that passengers can claim compensation for a delayed flight and can also ask for cancelled flight compensation. Not to mention that if the airline loses your luggage, you can also claim compensation for lost luggage. However, due to the lack of proper knowledge or communication, many people fail to practice their rights. Even though the airline must be responsible for any inconveniences caused by the airline’s fault. And in most cases, this means financial compensation.

But let’s start at the beginning. What is AirHelp? AirHelp has been operating since 2013 and has now grown into the world’s largest air passenger legal organization. Over the years, it has helped more than 2 million travelers resolve various air travel-related situations. Looking at any AirHelp review, passengers are highly satisfied with the company’s support, efficiency, and reliability. Customers have awarded this service with more than 125,000 5-star ratings.

As claiming flight compensation can be a time-consuming, complicated, and stressful process, AirHelp takes this burden off the shoulders of passengers. AirHelp manages the process of claiming compensation from the beginning and ensures that passengers receive proper compensation. You can use countless services, from simple compensation claims to handling court cases, and AirHelp always provides adequate information on the rights of passengers.

Passenger rights

As you can use AirHelp from anywhere, it is important to keep in mind that air passenger rights vary from country to country. There are other rules in force, for example, in the United States of America and others in the European Union. Below we will take a look at the EU air passenger legislation according to the EC 261 law. All passengers departing from European airports fall under the scope of EC 261.

According to the legislation, the amount of the compensation can be 700 dollars per person. That is why it is important to be aware of passenger rights. Even the smallest violation is enough to claim compensation. Common problems can include denied boarding, flight cancellations, flight delays of three or more hours, or lost luggage. In such cases, it is important to prioritize the passenger’s rights, which airlines must respect.

In addition to financial compensation, EC 261 also lists other passenger rights. According to AirHelp, 85 percent of passengers are unaware of the passenger laws that apply to them. AirHelp reviews state the same thing. We’re almost certain that, like us before, you didn’t know about many passenger rights that you can benefit from. Cancelled flight compensation is just one thing, but there are many other situations when you can claim compensation. Here are the most important ones:

EC 261 passenger rights highlights

  • Obligation to provide information on the passenger’s rights: Every airline is obliged to provide information on the rights of the passengers, and the relevant information must be displayed at the check-in counter.
  • Right to a refund or rerouting: This includes compensation for loss of time. In addition, when it comes to compensation for a delayed flight, if the flight is delayed by more than 5 hours, the passenger is entitled to a full or partial refund of the value of the original ticket. And if necessary, the return flight must be provided by the airline.
  • The right to care: In the event of a flight cancellation or a long flight delay, the airline must provide food and water for the passengers. Passengers have the right to access communication methods, including two phone calls. Also, if the passenger needs overnight accommodation due to flight cancellation, the airline must provide a hotel room and round-trip airport transfer.
  • Change of ticket types: If the airline offers the passenger an alternative flight and the ticket is in a higher class compared to the previously booked ticket (e.g. business class or first class), the difference will be covered by the airline. At the same time, if the airline places the passenger in a lower class than the original ticket, the passenger is entitled to 30-70% compensation of the price paid for the ticket.

What to do if your plane is delayed or your flight is cancelled?

delayed flight compensation

Now let’s see how to get compensation for a delayed flight or what to do if your flight is cancelled. If you find yourself in an unpleasant situation where your plane is delayed or your flight is canceled, you can start the process of claiming compensation yourself. However, as mentioned before, compensation for cancelled flight or delayed flight can be very tiring and complicated. Not to mention the inevitable stress.

Whether it’s a late flight problem, a claim for lost baggage compensation, or a canceled flight, if you’re starting the process without external help, you should start by properly informing yourself about passenger rights and the airline’s obligations. After that, contact the airline immediately and report the problem.

You can also initiate the compensation process at the airline’s counter at the airport, or you can report your situation by phone or e-mail. However, it is important to remember that you have to carry out the entire communication process yourself. The paperwork required for compensation is time-consuming and complicated, and each phone call can take hours, not to mention the delivery of compensation.

It may also happen that the airline does not respond to the request for months. In this case, you may have little or no information about the status of the compensation process. Another important aspect that should be taken seriously is the risk associated with litigation. If the case goes to court, whether you win or lose, the legal costs will be borne by you, the passenger. But what is AirHelp if not the service that helps you out?

Useful tips if your plane is delayed or your flight is cancelled

  • Keep your boarding pass and all your travel documents easily accessible
  • Ask the airline about the reason for the delay or flight cancellation
  • Collect evidence of the delayed or canceled flight (this could be a photo of the departure/arrival board at the airport, an email from the airline, etc.)
  • Note the original arrival time
  • Ask the airline to take care of your meals during the wait
  • Do not sign anything or accept any offer that violates your rights as a passenger
  • If necessary, ask the airline to provide a hotel room

How can AirHelp help you?


Now let’s continue our AirHelp review with more practical information. If you encounter a similar problem during a flight, AirHelp offers an easy and hassle-free solution to the annoying situation. With the help of the company, you can not only save time but also protect yourself from unnecessary stress and difficulties while communicating with the airline. Is AirHelp legit? Absolutely! AirHelp is backed by a professional team equipped with serious legal knowledge. Their communication is also more effective when it comes to claiming compensation. 

All you have to do is tell AirHelp that you need help. Send them the necessary documents and evidence online. After that, all you have to do is wait for AirHelp to take action for you, putting your passenger rights first. Based on AirHelp reviews, the service is super fast and responsive.

As soon as you have notified AirHelp about the situation, they will immediately contact the airline and provide regular information on the status of the case. From the submission of the claim to the approval of the compensation, AirHelp monitors everything. Compensation varies from case to case, but as mentioned, the amount can be as high as $700.

How to register and submit a complaint on the Airhelp website?

If you want to use the AirHelp service, you should know that the process is very simple. You don’t even have to go through the AirHelp login process, you can request help immediately without registering. When you go to the AirHelp website, you are greeted with the following question: Was your plane delayed or was your flight cancelled? Below the question, you will find two boxes where you have to enter where you flew or would have flown from. After that, click on the “Check compensation” button.

AI chatbots will immediately jump into action and ask a few basic questions to identify if compensation can be claimed based on the reported situation. These questions are about delayed or canceled flights. You must then enter some personal data (name and email address) and attach the necessary documentation. Of course, in more complicated cases, the chatbots are replaced by AirHelp employees.

After submitting your request, all you have to do is wait for updates. You do not need to register then either. On the other hand, if you want to use not only the free (No win, no fee) version of AirHelp but also pay for the one-year AirHelp Plus service, you can do so by registering and paying a minimum amount. What is the difference between the two? Scroll further and find out what AirHelp reviews say!

Costs, process steps, and duration

How much does AirHelp charge for the basic service? What is the workflow, the steps of the process, and how much time does it take for AirHelp to handle your compensation case? Well, the whole thing is completely free. Until the compensation is paid, all costs are covered by AirHelp, so you don’t have to pay upfront or afterward. As soon as AirHelp receives the compensation from the airline, it transfers 65% of the amount to you, the remaining 35% belongs to AirHelp. This is the AirHelp fee. If your case goes to court, there is a 15% legal action fee.

The course of the procedure is completely transparent, after submitting your request, AirHelp employees start taking action immediately. However, depending on the airline, this may take days, weeks, or months. If the airline approves the compensation, AirHelp will transfer the amount after deducting 35%. However, if the airline refuses compensation, AirHelp will take the case to court.

Our AirHelp review wouldn’t be complete without taking a close look at AirHelp Plus as well. If you decide to pay for the AirHelp Plus service, you can choose from two packages. The first is the Essential package, which costs 24.99 euros per year. The other package option is Complete, the price of this is 49.99 euros annually. If you are a paying user, you will receive 100 percent of the compensation. You may also receive additional benefits. This includes, for example, lounge access, which is amazing in case of a late flight.

But what makes a difference is the AirPayout service, which guarantees the payment of an extra 100 euros. You can get this in the days after the flight. The Complete package also includes AirLuggage, which allows you to receive 150 euros for each lost or delayed piece of luggage. As you can see, the annual amount you pay is small, so if you fly often, we think it’s worth the investment.

Airhelp reviews

We are slowly getting to the end of our AirHelp review, so it is time to see what previous customers say about the company. It’s no exaggeration to say that AirHelp reviews are more than reassuring. On several platforms, you can read numerous evaluations from different parts of the world, once frustrated passengers are satisfied with the assistance provided by AirHelp. You can read user reviews on the AirHelp website, on the company’s social media platforms, and also on well-known sites such as Trustpilot.

On Trustpilot, AirHelp has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on 167,068 reviews. This is a highly outstanding result, especially since 82 percent of the reviews are 5-star AirHelp reviews! Many people report that their plane was delayed, their flight was canceled, and AirHelp smoothly stepped into action on their site and helped passengers with compensation.

You can also read countless reviews where users initially tried to communicate with the airline on their own and claim compensation, but either there was no response to their request or the airline refused to compensate. They then contacted the AirHelp team and successfully received full compensation.

Final Thoughts: AirHelp Review

This was our AirHelp review, we sincerely hope that we managed to share with you useful information about this service. If you ask us, the numbers of happy AirHelp reviews speak for themselves. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied people around the world recommend this service. And the best part is that AirHelp is a free service. AirHelp will only deduct a certain percentage from the price of the compensation received from the airline. Just think about it. At the end of the day, your bank balance will still be more favorable than without compensation.

So if you need cancelled flight compensation, your luggage is lost or you are unsuccessfully trying to claim compensation for a delayed flight, don’t hesitate any longer and go to the AirHelp website. AirHelp will make sure that despite the frustration caused by the airline, your story will end well and you get the compensation you deserve.

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