10 best places to travel in Austria

Are you planning on visiting Austria but you’re not quite sure which places to visit? Don’t worry, we have a list of the 10 best places to visit in Austria. These cities will blow your mind for sure. The most beautiful places in Austria with lots of architecture, great food, museums, churches, mountains, lakes, everything you wish. Austria places to visit in October and places to visit in Austria in December. We have it all!

10 best places to travel in Austria

Austria has to be one of my favourite countries in Europe. It never disappoints, no matter how many times I go back. Beautiful places in Austria are found in the headings below and waiting for you to discover them. Please let us know which one is your favourite and if you have any experiences you would like to share with us while reading this article. Let’s see Austria places to visit.

1. Hallstatt 

best places to visit in austria

Hallstatt is one of the best places to visit in Austria and it’s surely on most peoples bucket lists. It is very instragrammable, beautiful throughout all 4 seasons. Austria overall is a great place to go to for everything and in every season. The cobblestone streets with charming little cafes will steal your heart. The breathtaking view of Hallstätter See and the view of Dachstein mountain makes this city one of the most beautiful places in Austria.

What to do in Hallstatt?

Besides taking a walk and discovering the small streets of Hallstatt you can do many other things. Take a stroll in the old town and market square. In case you want some adventure, visit the Hallstatt Salt Mine. This is also the perfect activity in case you are with children. View the city from Halstatt Skywalk or have some fun while discovering the Dachstein Caves. Halstatt Museum and Admont Abbey is the place for you if you’re looking to sharpen your brain with some history.

Where to eat in Hallstatt?

We would recommend Das Kainz as it has a beautiful view over the lake. In the city centre, you will find Gasthof Zauner which specializes in fish. These are freshly caught fish from the lake and they use organic produce. For some desserts have a look at Cafe Derbl, they have a variety of coffees and teas along with some homemade desserts and sweets. Austria places to visit in October, Hallstatt is definitely the most beautiful in Autumn, so don’t miss out on it!

2. Vienna 

best places to visit in austria

Vienna is forever in my heart. I’ve visited this city so many times and I still find new places to see. Vienna is one of the best places to visit in Austria and definitely one of the most beautiful places in Austria, a city I would always go back to. You can find anything in Vienna, from museums to wonderful restaurants, parks and the ability to do lots of shopping!

What to do in Vienna?

Needless to say, you should visit Schloss Schönbrunn. This castle will take up your whole day. I would recommend visiting during golden hour in case you wish to take some gorgeous pictures. The Stephansdom is a gothic masterpiece and Vienna’s pride and joy. We recommend visiting the Sissi Museum, one of the most visited museums in Vienna.

Where do eat in Vienna?

How can you be in Vienna if you don’t eat Wiener Schnitzel? The best place is Figlmüller restaurant. They have the best schnitzel in Vienna. Please try out the Schertorte, the most amazing Austrian dessert ever. You can also find a lot of foreign restaurants in Vienna, however, we do recommend you try out the local ones to taste authentic Austrian dishes. Let’s see the rest of Austria places to visit!

3. Salzburg

best places to visit in austria

Salzburg will blow your mind with its beautiful fortress. The fourth-largest city in Austria places to visit in October or during any season. The home of Mozart, the town sits on the Roman settlement of luvavum. You will find beautiful buildings with Baroque architecture. The historic centre is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This makes Salzburg one of the best places to visit in Austria.

What to see in Salzburg?

Needless to say, you have to visit the Salzburg Fortress. It is quite the climb, so if you’re not taking the elevators up to the fortress you better wear some comfortable shoes. The views of the city are amazing! How can you miss out on the old Town? It’s very charming and cosy, filled with all sorts of shops. Souvenir shops, designer brands, antiques and so on. The Mirabell Palace and Gardens should be another must on your list due to its lavish gardens.

Where to eat in Salzburg?

As with any city in Austria, we recommend you try out the local food. You can visit some of the local markets, like Schranne, Grünmarkt or Kajetanerplatz. In case you’re looking for fine Austrian produce, then Feinkost Kölbl is for you. You’ll find edible souvenirs here! The  Cafe Konditorei Fürst is where you will find the famous Salzburger Mozartkugel.

4. Tyrol 

best places to visit in austria

One of the most beautiful places in Austria to visit, Tyrol, the land of the Alps. The views of the valleys and mountains are breathtaking and anyone who wants a piece of nature should visit Tyrol. In case you are already visiting Salzburg, you definitely have to visit Tyrol too. With its capital being Innsbruck (also part of this article), it’s perfect for Austria places to visit in October.

What to do in Tyrol?

One of the best things you can do and why usually people visit Tyrol is for skiing. The Alps will give you the best time of your life while skiing. If you’re looking for those authentic old towns, make sure to visit Hall in Tirol, places to visit in Austria in December or during the Autumn. If you are not afraid of heights, Reutte has a 114 metres high and 406 metres long bridge connecting Ehrenberg Castle to the remains of the Roman Fortress Claudia. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Where to eat in Tyrol?

Let’s see what delicious foods we can find in Tyrol. For a little break while visiting these breathtaking views, have a coffee and cake at Cafe-Konditorei Lorenzoni. Austria is known for its delicious desserts, you can not leave without trying some out. For some local cuisine, try Cafe Restaurant Günther, they have vegetarian and vegan-friendly options too. If you are feeling generous with your money, Restaurant ice Q will offer you the best fine dining experience with spectacular views!

5. Altmünster

austria places to visit

Altmünster, Austria places to visit in October especially, when all the leaves are colourful and nature is about to rest for a few months. Another reason why it’s one of the best places to visit in Austria will just speak for itself. The mountains overlooking the lake and valleys will make you feel at peace. I have visited this place many times and its beauty always mesmerizes me.

What to do in Altmünster?

One of the things I did while visiting Altmünster was climbing the Kleiner Sonnstein mountain with my uncle. The views from the top of the mountain really made me emotional and thankful I was able to climb the mountain. You can walk around the Traunsee and enjoy the idyllic scenery and even swim in the lake. I must warn you, it’s very cold! Have a look at Schloss Ort, the island castle. Most beautiful places in Austria, don’t miss out

Where to eat in Altmünster?

Restaurant Schweizerhof am See is one of the affordable restaurants in Altmünster, you can have a nice hearty meal with some desserts before leaving this place. The lovely cafe Konditorei-Cafe Grellinger for some cakes and coffee in the morning. It is very common to have cakes in Austria, so don’t be shy to try them out. Die Stube in Maximilianhof is also a very good option for Austrian authentic food!

6. Innsbruck

austria places to visit

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol, the fifth-largest city and another one on the list of best places to visit in Austria. I really enjoyed this small town of Innsbruck. You get to enjoy the fresh air around the mountains, walk alongside the Still River and even enjoy some of the best icecreams I have ever tried.

What to do in Innsbruck?

As with many of these beautiful places in Austria, you should visit Innsbruck’s old town. The architecture itself will be worth the visit! The Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen will take you up to the largest natural park. You get to enjoy 20 minutes of mountain scenery. While you’re here, make sure to visit the Renaissance Ambras Castle, one of the most popular attractions. And of course, the Imperial Palace, Hofburg, a fine piece of architecture.

Where to eat in Innsbruck?

Wherever we are, we have to eat! One of the favourites of the locals is Gasthaus Anich. Lovely, Tyrolean food in a cosy atmosphere. Ottoburg is placed in the oldest buildings in Innsbruck Old Town and also has the best views of the city. You are able to look out over the river Inn. Goldenes Dachl Restaurant is near the theatre and will also offer Tyrolean food and some nice Austria beer! Which place is your favourite so far?

7. Graz 


Just like the rest of these best places to visit in Austria Graz is one you should visit. Being one of the most beautiful places in Austria just like Salzburg or Vienna, the old town of Graz has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. You would go to Graz if you wanted to go sightseeing, taking a lovely Citywalk, exploring every bit of this wonderful city. Graz is one of the places to visit in Austria in December, so don’t miss out!

What to do in Graz?

The Graz Schlossberg is the heart of the city. The Clock Tower is located here and it’s only just a few minutes walk from the old town’s centre. You can also take the Schlossberg cable car to enjoy the best view of Graz. Inside the mountain, you can find the Schlossberg Slide. Once you reach the top and wish to take the slide, you’ll get back down to the city in 40 seconds! The Grazer Burg (Graz Castle) is also worth the visit. Open to the public, you can see a double spiral staircase and the Styrian Gallery of Honor can be visited free of charge.

Where to eat in Graz?

Dreizehn by Gaster is one of the best restaurants in the city, offering all sorts of delicious food for an affordable price. The Landhauskeller is a stylish restaurant serving Styrian or national specialities. Der Steirer is a bistro pub and also wine bar, where you can also have some authentic Austrian dishes. Make a stop for a coffee at Cafe Mitte, a cafe and cocktail bar in one!

8. Badgastein


Badgastein is one of the spa towns in Austria, the state of Salzburg. The reason why it’s one of the best places to visit in Austria is due to the high valley of the Hohe Tauem mountain range. You always see those photos on Instagram where high valleys are visible with lots of small cottages and you wonder where they are. Badgastein is definitely one of them, and also Austria places to visit in October.

What to do in Badgastein?

It’s obvious to say, you should enjoy the mountains. You can go for a 3-hour climb to the Gamskarkogel and enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains and valleys. Spend a luxury weekend at Haus Hirt Alpine Spa, which is still sort of a secret, yet a must-visit. You will enjoy an authentic Austrian experience and have an overview of Badgastein.

Where to eat in Badgastein?

First of all, when you go to small towns like Badgastein, you should definitely enjoy the local food. Brettljause refers to the cold assortments like sausages, cheese, pickles and all sorts of spreads on a platter. You can enjoy this amazing food all while looking over the mountains. Try out the famous Austrian sweet dish Kaiserschmarrn, which takes its name from emperor Franz Joseph I. This dish is fluffy shredded pancakes and a must-try. Here we had Badgastein, Austria places to visit.

9. Wachau 


Wachau, Austria places to visit throughout a whole year in case you are looking for a view to taking your breath away. The picturesque landscape of Wachau was formed by the Danube river. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Austria and it attracts many tourists. The “Wachau Cultural Landscape” is also in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites since 2000. Wachau is also one of the places to visit in Austria in December.

What to do in Wachau?

So what can you actually do while in Wachau besides looking at the gorgeous valley? At the end of Wachau Valley, you will find Krems. This is a scenic town with a friendly atmosphere and traditional architecture. It will only take one or two hours to explore. Dürnstein is also a picturesque little town. You can literally cross the town in 10 minutes from one side to the other! Another place to visit is Aggstein Castle. The castle is still pretty well kept and it’s on a narrow cliff.

Where to eat in Wachau?

The best restauraunts are Restaurant Kirchenwirt Wachau for authentic Austrian cusisine. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks here. Heuriger Walter Denk is one of the restaurants to have dinner at, they serve Austrian and European food. We can’t leave out the cafes, Cafe-Konditorei Elisabeth will serve you some warm coffee with cakes and other specialities.

10. Alpbach 


The last on our list of most beautiful places in Austria is Alpbach. As you can see Austria is very green and full of mountains and valleys. Alpbach is the same. It was voted Austria’s most beautiful village due to its floral decorations and architectural style.

What to do in Alpbach?

During the summer you can enjoy many activities in Alpbach. Some of them are hiking, cycling and paragliding. There are playgrounds for children so you don’t have to be afraid they will get bored. Alpbach is really ideal for families and couples who want to spend some time together in this heavenly place. Their authentic wooden houses will make you feel cosy and you won’t want to leave for a while!

Where to eat in Alpbach?

We have the Gasthof Zirmalm, which serves Austrian food as well as European food. Zottahof will serve you not just with food but also with spectacular views overlooking the valley. Bergrestaurant Gipfö Hit is on the top of the mountain, one of a kind hut gastronomy experience. You can also do many sports activities here, so it’s really two in one!

Most beautiful places in Austria

We try on this travel website to cover every destination possible! This concludes the most beautiful places in Austria and the 10 best places to visit in Austria. Austria places to visit in October and places to visit in Austria in December, or during any season, we’re sure you will love these cities. Which of these beautiful places in Austria are on your bucket list? Hallstatt and Vienna are definitely my favorites! Let us know if you would like to have Part II for these beautiful places in Austria!

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