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Who are the best travel bloggers and the best travel influencers? It’s a really hard question to answer, and since we don’t intend to rank anybody, we have created a simple presentation list, to show you who are the best female travel bloggers on Instagram, the best travel influencers to follow, and the top travel influencers in usual!

This article is created to our taste and interest. We also keep the door open for whoever would like to apply to be reviewed and added to our lists of best travel bloggers and top travel influencers! Why follow these people?

Best travel bloggers – Top travel influencers

The stories and the creative work they do show people around the world how beautiful our Earth is! That’s the first reason you should be following travel bloggers and travel influencers. Besides this, since there are also websites on the list that aren’t done by one person, but by a team… You should follow these travel websites and travel blogs for inspiration, to find information, and to learn about different destinations.

Traveling is the best way you can grow as a person! And to make your travel amazing, you should always get information, look for inspiration, and read about different experiences! Discover the world yourself too! Be part of the travel community. Experience new things, and head-on adventures! That’s why you should know who are the best travel influencers, Instagram travel influencers, or the best female travel bloggers on Instagram. Overall, you’ll get to learn about the best travel websites, top travel influencers, and the best travel bloggers here!

1. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad – photo from

If you’re looking for the best female travel bloggers on Instagram, but overall the best travel bloggers, The Blonde Abroad is definitely one to keep an eye on! I started following the Blonde Abroad in 2018. when my random idea came to start a travel blog myself. 

At that time, I wanted to find some of the best travel and female travel bloggers especially, to read, and learn. Not just about destinations, but about blogging, and how travel blogs work. At this time I found Kikki and her stunning blog which also has the best design ever! WE JUST LOVE IT!

She is also one of the best female travel bloggers on Instagram to follow! The Blonde Abroad has amazing, really stunning content, amazing pictures, and lovely stories. I’ve been following her from Europe to Asia, and from her previous home, South Africa, all the way back to California.

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful things about travel is learning about yourself, and completing an explorer journey to find the best place in the world, that makes you happier! One of those travel bloggers who you can follow on this journey of growth is definitely Kikki.

2. Young Adventuress

Young Adventuress – photo from

Young Adventuress was literally the first travel blog that I have ever checked out! Liz Carlson describes herself as a hurricane, and that’s actually the reason I started following her. I’ve followed her through her journey in Spain, traveling the world, discovering nature, and capturing it all. Liz is great as a writer, but also amazing as a photographer! If you’re looking for more of the best female travel bloggers on Instagram to follow, I definitely recommend the Young Adventuress.

Liz has amazing photos, and great content and she shows us how life is in New Zealand. She’s from the United States, and through her travels, she set up her base, her home in New Zealand a few years ago. Why her blog and social media make it even more worth following, and why I think she’s one of the best travel bloggers because she’s honest.

She tells things, and talks about issues without hiding anything. Also, she speaks up when she does not agree with something. And with all that, the story is spiced with plants, great food, and love that she has found in New Zealand. She is definitely one of my top travel influencers since the whole journey of my blogging was inspired by her!

3. An American in Rome

An American in Rome – photo from

An American in Rome was a really really helpful website for me for many years. Maybe An American in Rome is not hitting the top list of the best travel bloggers in the world, but it is definitely one of the best Italy travel blogs out there!

If you’re looking for the best female travel bloggers on Instagram, definitely follow her, since she’s publishing great content from Rome and Italy! Her blog helped me so much in learning about Italy before I became an Italy expert too. It also helped me a lot to plan my trips to Rome, so for me, she’s one of the best travel bloggers, specified as travel blogs about Italy! An American in Rome helped me a lot also when I was trying to move to Italy. I found so much useful information!

4. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt – photo from Nomadic Matt

Matt is by highly one of the best travel bloggers in the world. His website is always exploding with traffic, and his content is really useful as well! Nomadic Matt has been among the top travel bloggers already since I start blogging.

He’s been one of those travel bloggers who I’ve been following and reading his posts to learn how to become a travel writer myself. Matt was a great inspiration along the way, since I’ve been also following him on Instagram, and I still am. If you’re looking for the best travel bloggers on Instagram, the best travel influencers to follow, but overall the best travel bloggers and top travel influencers, Matt is your guy!

5. Marta Sierra

Marta Sierra

If you ask me to pick my favorite European influencer, or more specifically, my favorite influencer in Spain, I will always say Marta Sierra! She’s not one of the best travel bloggers literally, but her Instagram is absolutely a journey through the most beautiful places in Europe.

Marta is always full of colors, funny moments, clumsy videos, laughter, style, fashion, and stunning destinations around Europe. If you’re looking for the best female travel bloggers on Instagram, the best travel influencers to follow, or Instagram travel influencers, even if she’s not literally in the travel niche, she’s a must-follow!

Her amazing, colorful street style in the most beautiful places around Europe definitely makes Marta worth following!

6. Gypsey Lust

Jack Morris x Gypsea Lust

I found Lauren when I’ve been looking for the best travel influencer, more specifically the best travel influencers to follow on Instagram. Gypsea Lust is definitely one of the best Instagram travel influencers when it comes to tropical places. I started following Lauren in 2018, and I’ve been following her journey ever since. Falling in love with her stunning tropical photos, and colorful, bohemian style is easy. Now, years later Lauren is still one of those Instagram travel influencers I like to check out from time to time! I also follow her sister who’s not that much into the travel influence, but she’s got some great lifestyle content, cookbooks, and so!

So if you want an amazing Aussie girl to follow through Bali, France, and other stunning places, Gypsea Lust is one of the best travel influencers you’ll find!

7. Italy Best

italy best
Italy Best

Instead of the best travel bloggers, this is a destination website with more writers working on it. Italy Best, as its name is saying, it’s an Italy blog or Italy website. Actually, it fits in the Italian fashion blog, Italy travel blog, and Italian food blog categories too. It’s one of the biggest websites owned by MIRA Digital. Italy Best is a partner website of Wandering Zone.

With our team, we are building the website with loads and loads of Ital content, for the best things that exist in Italy, for all the categories that you can imagine. Find on Italy Best all the best things you can visit in Italy, from museums to food, restaurants, hotels, activities, beaches, fashion brands, and even beauty products. Everything that makes Italy great!

With our current traffic and level of growth, Italy Best is definitely a great travel influence for many!

8. Marie & Jake

Are you looking for the best travel bloggers and the top travel influencers? They aren’t running a written blog, but instead, their Instagram is their travel blog. A couple that’s inspiring, beautiful, and super cute. If you’re looking for the best travel influencers to follow, Instagram travel influencers, Marie and Jake will be a great pick, I promise!

They will make you fall in love with love, with life, and with everything beautiful, that’s surrounding us. They are amazing, and they’ve got amazing pictures! Besides these, they are super positive, caring, and encouraging. A stunning couple that makes the most incredible destination travel couple photos I’ve ever seen! Marie & Jake are actually the only travel influencer couple that I continuously followed for a long time!

9. ShegoWandering

ShegoWandering was the first website of the owner of MIRA Digital. She started her career with no knowledge of the digital industry, and a travel blog she had no idea how to build up. Since the content has been completely updated, ShegoWandering is on its way to becoming one of the best female travel blogs to follow. It didn’t make the list yet of the best travel bloggers, but it will with time!

On ShegoWandering you can find personal travel content, and itineraries for Italian destinations, Spain, England, Hungary, and the US. Also, you will find useful tips for visiting Italy, or if you’re moving to Italy, as well as other travel tips, and helpful blog posts for bloggers!

10. …

We’re happy to consider adding more travel bloggers, travel websites, or travel influencers, so if you feel like you should be on this list, hit us with an email at and we’re happy to review your site/profile and adding you up on the list! Note that there are criteria to be accepted!

Wrapping up the best travel bloggers and the best travel influencers list

So, as I said, you can always submit your Social Media account or travel blog for the review, and if it’s accepted, we will feature it on this post. For now, this was our list of the best travel bloggers and top travel influencers! We hope you’ve found what you’ve been looking for if you wanted to find the best female travel bloggers on Instagram or the best travel bloggers on Instagram in usual. Also, we’ve covered the best travel influencers to follow and Instagram travel influencers! Don’t miss our lists for the best Fashion blogs either!

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