10 Types of Cooking Classes and Food Experiences in Rome

s to picking the best cooking class Rome experiences. Whether you’re looking for pasta making class, or wine tasting in Rome, we’ve picked the best places for you that we guarantee you’ll love! In our list below, you’re going to find the best cooking classes in Rome Italy, and beyond that, all these experiences are in the best locations in the Eternal City! More than that, we’ve been to all of these experiences, and we tried personally these food and wine experiences and our review is professional, accurate, and real. Let’s see the list now!

10 Best Cooking Classes in Rome Italy – Rome cooking class and food experiences

When it comes to the best cooking class Rome can offer, we must speak first about the company you should trust the most, right? Some call themselves the best cooking class in Rome, while it’s a tourist trap, and then some offer an experience at home, and not in a professional environment. The pasta making class at home can be fun, but when it’s in a restaurant setup, and it is guided by a professional team, it’s different.

It’s also different if after the food-making itself, you get to sit in a restaurant on the most beautiful square of Rome, and you’re being served appetizers and drinks on the side of the dish that you prepared, and the restaurant completes for you and serves your food for you. If you ask us, we prefer an experience that’s in a restaurant and not at home, and we also prefer these restaurants to be in the historic center, in beautiful and clean ambient, instead of some random areas outside the city center.

We’ve got you covered with everything on this list from pizza classes to wine tasting in Rome. Let’s see what is the best! Of course, before you head into the list you should check what are the best things to do in Rome, and what types of pasta dishes and Italian pizza types are out there, so you arrive at your preferred cooking class prepared with some knowledge of these!

1. Pizza Class in Rome

rome cooking class

When it comes to a great Rome cooking class, you should first and foremost consider a pizza-making cooking class. One of the best cooking classes in Rome Italy is offered by Eatalian Cooks, and their pizza class is located in the heart of Rome, on Piazza del Pasquino.

The restaurant was refurbished and rethought a couple of years ago, and it’s really beautiful and the quality of the food is fantastic in Osteria Pasquino. Eatalian Cooks offers cooking experiences with a professional team, and you can book a pizza cooking class in Rome with them online.

These classes include bruschetta for appetizers, drinks during your meal, and after the meal too. At the restaurant, you’re getting everything served to you by the staff of the restaurant, and the class itself is held by one of the chefs of Eatalian Cooks who are trained to hold these pizza classes.

2. Simple Fettuccine Pasta class

rome cooking class

Another option for the best cooking class Rome can offer is a fettuccine pasta class in Piazza Navona! Pasta making class in Rome is a must-do, and lately, you can rarely find tourists in the city who wouldn’t sign up for one! This specific class we linked in is at Ristorante Tucci, and it’s also the best and only central pasta class that would be on Piazza Navona.

No other agencies have such amazing and central locations, and no other agency can offer the same great quality as this one. You’ve got to make your fettuccine pasta guided by a local chef, and then, you’ll have options for the types of sauce you want them to be served with. Then, the pasta is taken to the restaurant’s kitchen and it’s prepared by the restaurant’s chef for each guest.

In the meantime the guests are seated at the restaurant – and the best part is, that if the place is not busy, the guests are seated outside, with a spectacular view over Piazza Navona. They get appetizers, and drinks on the side of the drinks, while they can enjoy the beautiful views of the most beautiful Italian square.

3. The upgrade: Pasta and Tiramisu cooking class

rome cooking class

If you’re looking for a Rome cooking class that’s not simply a pasta making class, then at the same place as the previous option, you’ve got a class of Pasta and Tiramisu dessert making. This is an upgrade for the Fettuccine class, as those who book for this too, get to stay longer and prepare their own Tiramisu dessert with the chef.

Tiramisu is one of the most famous Italian desserts, and it’s a splendid extra to add to your cooking experience in Rome! This class is also at Ristorante Tucci, held together with the simple fettuccine class at 11 am and 3 pm. There are fewer guests allowed to book Tiramisu, and the total capacity of these classes is 18, which includes 10 who do only Fettuccine, and 8 who do Tiramisu too.

Apart from that this class takes longer, and after you finish eating your pasta you’ll get to eat your Tiramisu too, everything else is the same. You get an appetizer Bruschetta before the pasta, you are seated at the restaurant with the view over Piazza Navona, and your drinks are included too. If you love desserts, we recommend this class rather than the simple Fettuccine class!

4. The pizza upgrade: Pizza and Tiramisu cooking class

rome cooking class

Just like for the pasta class, there’s an upgrade for the Pizza-making class too, but this one has an even better location than the simple pizza class! The Pizza and Tiramisu cooking classes in Italy are super hard to find, mostly because it’s rare to find restaurants that have wooden ovens anyway. Not to mention, that this oven should be accessible for clients too, right?

Well, one of the best cooking class in Rome is located on the corner of Piazza Navona, in an old and beautiful Trattoria (a type of Italian restaurant). Your options here are to make the delicious Tiramisu dessert, guided by a chef, and then to prepare your pizza with the help of the chef and the pizzaiolo of the restaurant. It’s truly an unforgettable experience in Rome!

5. The potato twist: Gnocchi experience

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If you are looking for different cooking classes in Italy that are not the usual pasta and pizza classes, you want to check one particular option that is between the best cooking classes in Rome Italy: Gnocchi cooking class. This one is particular because it’s a type of pasta that most agencies don’t want to do as it’s not worth their time.

At Ristorante Tucci however, Eatalian Cooks decided to put in some extra effort for the preparation and make this type of cooking class available for the guests. Gnocchi is a delicious type of pasta that’s made with potatoes, and it’s fun to make it too. As with the other classes in this location, you get the appetizer and drinks on the side after the gnocchi-making experience, and you’ll be served your dish once the restaurant’s kitchen gets it ready.

6. The filled pasta: Ravioli cooking class

cooking class rome italy

Ravioli cooking class is another unique Rome cooking class that we highly recommend! When I’m looking for the best ravioli near me, I rather look for the best cooking experience to do it. This class is also on the corner of Piazza Navona at this antique trattoria that is cozy and lovely. The filling for the ravioli is prepared by the restaurant, but the chef explains how this is made, and you also receive a recipe for it.

Ravioli-making is fun, and kids love it too. At the end of the cooking experience, each guest receives a certificate for their attendance, and as a gift from the chef. When the ravioli is ready to be cooked, the guests are seated at the restaurant, and they are served appetizers and drinks. The ravioli is served with butter and sage afterward.

7. Make your Italian sauce: Pesto and Pasta cooking experience in Rome

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There aren’t many pasta making class experiences in Rome where they would allow you to make your own sauce. Withing the best cooking class Rome list, this is actually the only experience that provides sauce making. Not any type of sauce though, because it’s the famous and delicious basil sauce, the Pesto.

This Pesto and Pasta cooking experience is in Piazza Navona, in a private cooking laboratory at Ristorante Panzirone. The experience itself is held in a private ambient inside the restaurant, with a private kitchen too. It’s the type of experience we all want to know because Pesto is delicious, and it’s full of delicious Parmigiano cheese!

8. Bring the ice cream in: Gelato and Ravioli experience

gelato class rome

When it comes to the best cooking class in Rome, you don’t want to skip the experience on Piazza Navona which includes a famous Italian Gelato too! When it comes to the best cooking classes in Rome Italy, you must know that Gelato isn’t something that can be ready in a few minutes, but to have an idea about the process of how this is made, this experience is great!

On the side of the gelato dessert that you will be able to enjoy at this Gelato and Ravioli cooking class, as the name suggests, you will be making Ravioli too. The location is great, and the dessert helps cope with the heat in Rome. Enjoy one of the most unique experiences in the Eternal City. The chef will guide you through the Gelato-making, while at the restaurant this is made by a machine, you’ll get the recipe to make it at home too!

9. Wine Tasting in the Heart of Rome

wine tasting rome

We can’t speak about food and wine experiences in Rome without speaking about wine tasting in Rome! Beyond the Rome cooking class experiences, in Piazza Navona once again, there’s a new and fantastic experience, that’s all about Italian wines.

This experience is held in a private ambient at the same restaurant as the Pesto and Pasta cooking class, with an Italian sommelier, who will guide you through 4 types of Italian wines, which are served with matching cheese types and other bites. Oh, and before those 4 types of wines, you’ll also get a glass of welcome prosecco! This one is unmissable, especially as there aren’t really wine-tasting experiences in Rome, especially not in the heart of the city!

10. The Italian Chef Show

rome cooking class

best cooking class in Rome – tours in Rome

The description of this experience is coming soon. Our team needs to try this experience before adding it to our list. Please refer back later!

Wrapping up the best cooking classes in Rome Italy – best cooking class Rome

When it comes to cooking classes in Italy, the best cooking classes in Rome Italy, and the best wine tasting in Rome, we know what’s the best! We are sure you’ll be absolutely satisfied no matter which of these proposed food and wine experiences you book! Learn how to prepare the best pasta in all shapes or forms as well as pizza. Italian dishes will always be the most delicious and by learning them from real chefs, you’ll be impressing your friends and family on the next get-together. If you enjoyed these classes in Rome, check them out in Florence as well! In case you are not ready to learn how to make pasta, then check out the 10 best Italian pasta brands.

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