25 Best Things to do in Budapest

Is there any better way to find out what are the best things to do in Budapest Hungary, if not by asking a local? How many articles are out there on the web with the top things to do in Budapest by people who only visited the Hungarian capital city once? The answer is, way too many! In this article, however, you’ll be reading all the tips and information you’ll find regarding all the fascinating places to visit in Budapest from a local. I’ve been living in Budapest for about 3 years, while I also worked and studied there. Ever since 1996, I’ve been to the city a million times, and I still return at least twice a year. With that said, below you’re going to find the most insightful Budapest travel guide to plan your perfect city break!

25 Best things to do in Budapest Hungary

Before we start talking about the best things to do in Budapest, let’s see a few details about the city, and what you should know as a traveler. Before planning the things to see in Budapest, let’s see how to get to the city? If you’re traveling from a nearby country, let’s say Austria, Slovakia, or Chez Republic, you can rent a car, or get a train, and arrive in the Hungarian capital within a few hours.

If you’re traveling from a long distance then you should be looking for flights to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport. In the city, the absolute best way to get around is by getting a BKK (public transport) 24/48/72 H ticket, or a one-week card, and just using that on everything. The public transport in Budapest is beyond the best!

When it comes to the budget, well you should know that the GBP here is much lower, which means, Budapest is one of the most beautiful, yet cheapest capital cities in Europe that you can visit. You need half the money than what you’d need in Milan, Paris, or London to visit Budapest, eat well, drink a lot, and have the best accommodation. Sound great, right?

Also, you can visit Budapest during the summer, when the city is in its best shape, but packed with tourists, and ruin bar hoppers. Or, if you want a more peaceful period, then early fall or spring is the best. Of course, December in Budapest is unmissable too, as you can find in this city one of the best Christmas markets in Europe!

1. Buda Castle

When it comes to the very best things to do in Budapest Hungary, Buda Castle is on top of every single page! History, architecture, spectacular panorama, good food, and culture, so much culture! One of the best things about Buda Castle is, that you can actually enjoy a full day while having everything you need under your hands.

Places to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, parks, and a promenade called Tóth Árpád Sétány (sétány means promenade) with great views where kids can run around without having to stress over cars. But also museums, national galleries, and important historical buildings, such as the House of Hungarians, or some sectors of the Hungarian Academy of Science.

Buda Castle is the first district of Budapest, so it is not only a hill packed with landmarks, but it’s also a residential area. You’ll find here the Hungarian Military Museum, the Hungarian Archives, and one of the biggest libraries in the country, the National Széchényi Library.

Inside the actual palace that you can see above, you can visit the National Gallery where some of the most famous Hungarian paintings are exhibited. Moreover, there are also some outstanding Neo-Romanesque pieces, and Gothic ones, such as the Mathias Church, and the mega-famous Fisherman’s Bastion.

2. Parliament

things to do in budapest

The 2nd of the top things to do in Budapest is to discover the majestic Hungarian parliament building. Now, the Hungarian parliament is the 3rd largest parliament building in the world, and indeed its architecture is quite remarkable! It was designed by Imre Steindl and built in a neogothic style. They finished the work in 1902.

You can easily reach the parliament by the red (M2) metro, to Kossuth Lajos Square. Once you’re there, you can roll in guided tours inside, or you can walk around it down to the riverside, and then see the monuments around the parliament itself. If you’re standing on Kossuth Lajos Square, facing the parliament, on the left-hand side there’s a statue of Count Gyula Andrassy and a few steps away from the poet, Attila Jozsef.

Then, on Kossuth Square, you can find the memory place for those fallen in the 1956 revolution in Budapest, as well as the statue of Prince Ferenc Rakoczi. There’s also a walk-in museum on the right-hand side that features the revolution, and it’s very worth seeing! On the square, on the right-hand side, you can also find a huge monument dedicated to Prime Minister Lajos Kossuth and a few other important figures of the 1848-49 revolution.

If you walk to the right side of the parliament building, there’s also a statue of the prime minister of Hungary during WWI, Count Istvan Tisza. Inside the parliament, you can see the Hungarian crown, but overall the building itself is absolutely stunning and worth exploring! If you’re visiting Budapest during a national day like the 15th of March or the 20th of August, you can enter a side of the building, with the hall where the crown is, for free.

3. Széchenyi Chain Bridge

things to do in budapest

Széchenyi Chain Bridge is one of the most fabulous highlights of Budapest things to do. This is the most beautiful bridge in Budapest without question, and it’s one of the most important landmarks of the city. The Chain Bridge was commissioned by Count Istvan Szechenyi in the middle of the 19th century, right after the revolution.

In WW2 the Germans (they never cared about landmarks, just blew up everything everywhere, yes) blew up the Széchenyi Chain Bridge while they were retreating from the eastern frontlines. Since then it was rebuilt during communism, and also the past years it’s been under construction. It is finished now.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge connects the Pest and Buda sides, ending on the Buda side on the beautiful Clark Adam square, where you can take the vintage funicular called Síkló to get to the top of the castle hill. It’s recommended to go up to the Buda Castle from this square, as the views are marvelous! On the Pest side, you’ve got the famous Gresham Palace, which today is home to one of the greatest luxury hotels in Budapest, the Four Seasons Budapest.

4. Heroes Square

things to do in budapest

Visiting Heroes Square is one of the best things to do in Budapest Hungary! One of my favorite places in the Hungarian capital! Heroes Square Budapest is a monumental spot featuring the most important figures in the history of Hungary! It’s located in the center of Budapest, on metro line 1 (yellow), at the Hősök Tere stop which is named after the square.

Heroes Square features in the middle the 7 chiefs of the 7 Hungarian tribes, who led Hungarian to Pannonia in 895. Behind the central monument, there are two vaulted statue group lineups, one featuring the most important Kings of the Middle Ages, in chronological line. The second one continues with the rulers, princes, and kings of the New Age.

You can see the Hungarian princes of Transylvania from the time when most of Hungary was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Then, the line ends with some important figures of the 19th century. The square is at the very end of Andrassy Avenue, which is known for being a perfectly straight street crossing through the center of Budapest. The square is also hosting the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Gallery.

The Heroes Square Budapest hosted many important political events in the 20th century, as well as the event when communism ended in 1989, at the reburial of Nagy Imre. He was the chosen prime minister in the revolution against the Soviet Union and communism itself in 1956. It was a very important event since this day was the day when the end of the communist dictatorship in Hungary was officially announced.

5. St Stephan’s Basilica

things to do in budapest

St Stephan’s Basilica the past years became the pricy hot spot of tourists in Budapest. This area is one of the most beautiful areas of the historic center, where you can walk and wonder, and try the many amazing restaurants and bars lining up on the streets surrounding the basilica.

When I say pricy though, think pricy for a local! The prices even here are barely hitting the normal prices of Western European countries! Now, the Roman Catholic church is the 3rd largest church in nowadays Hungary. Before 1920, when Hungary still had its integrity, it was just the 7th largest church in the country. St Stephan’s Basilica was built in the 19th century.

The church is named after Hungary’s first king, St Stephan (975–1038). His right hand is kept in the basilica’s reliquary. You can visit inside the church, as well as you can book and go to the top. It’s one of the highlights to do in the historic center, for sure! St Stephan’s Square is hosting a part of the famous Christmas Markets in Budapest as well.

To show you some traditional Hungarian vibes, folk music, and dancing, this video is perfect. It’s a group of folk dancers and musicians making a beautiful show on St Stephan’s Square. As you can see in the video too, this place is a true hotspot, packed with cafes, to enjoy the views, and to do some people staring too.

6. Vajdahunyad Castel

Vajdahunyad Castle is a bucket list item for your Budapest things to do list! This is located just a few meters from Heroes’ Square, in the City Park (Városliget). Now, Vajdahunyad Castle might seem to be a real castle, but it’s not. The castle complex was built in 1898 as part of the Millenial Exhibition which celebrated 1000 years of Hungary since the conquest of the Carpathian Basin in 895.

The beauty of Vajdahunyad Castel is that it’s designed to feature copies of 7 different landmarks from Hungary. This front side with the tower features the actual Hunyad Castel in Transylvania (which was part of Hungary for 1000 years until 1920). The original castles are from different time periods so each one features different styles of architecture such as Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque.

By the castle, you can rent a boat, or if you’re visiting during the winter, you can go ice skating on the lake. It’s a place to just walk in, and wander around, and it’s in the biggest park in the capital, so it’s a good place to go with kids. – Especially if you like to take your kids to the Zoo, that’s only 3 minutes away from Vajdahunyad Castle!

7. Terror House

things to do in budapest

The House of Terror is definitely the most memorable museum in Budapest! Take it from someone who’s been to all the museums in the Hungarian capital! Terror House is definitely one of the best things to do in Budapest Hungary! This museum is the memorial of the dark ages of communism and socialism, the revolution of 1956, and the executions that took place after it. It is a memorial in honor of those who suffered under these dictatorships.

The museum has four levels, each representing something else. On the second floor, the permanent exhibition follows chronologically the history of the totalitarian dictatorship in Hungary. The first floor is about the ages after WW II, where you can learn about deportations from Chezslovakia and the events in Hungary following the war. On the ground floor, you’ll see a tank and memorial of the faces, of the people who died under the dictatorship.

There’s documentation on the walls about all the victims of the dictatorship and the revolution, that you can check. Almost everyone is there. Now, the basement though I personally do not recommend for children! There are reconstructed cells showing how people were kept captive, beaten up, punished, and killed during the dictatorship. There’s also a room where there are 6 replica scaffolds that were used for executions, and you can also see records of such (and this is why I think it would cause some children nightmares).

8. Gellert Hill

A hike is always worth the view when you visit Budapest, and Gellert Hill is definitely one of the top things to do in Budapest! The Citadella Budapest is built on the Hungarian capital’s highest hill on the riverside, the Gellert Hill, providing a spectacular view over most of the city. Now, the fortress on top of the hill, the so-called Citadella was built after the 1848-49 Hungarian revolution was stopped.

Basically, Hungary wanted to gain back its independence from the Austrian Empire (Habsburg Monarchy). This didn’t happen thanks to the Russian army that suppressed the revolution in 1849. The Citadella served for the Austrian army as a fortress, as they could supervise the city from there, also easy to use the cannons if a new revolution would begin.

Nowadays it’s just the best place with the best view over Budapest. It’s really worth visiting the Budapest Citadella at night though! The city is dressed in lights and you can get an absolutely breathtaking view from here! While getting to the top, you can also see the statue of St Gellert on the side of the hill, facing the Danube, and the Liberty Statue at the top.

You can get here by a short hike right near the Gellert Hotel and Spa, or there’s also a bus that takes you almost to the top at the back of the hill. There’s another sidewalk initiating right under the St Gellert statue, at the Elisabeth Bridge. It’s an easy hike, so if you can do that I suggest the hike!

9. Military Museum

When it comes to Budapest things to do, museums are plenty, but my 2nd personal favorite is definitely the Military Museum in Buda Castle. When I myself as a young history enthusiast was searching for things to do Budapest, I found myself coming back time after time here, exploring different eras of the Hungarian military history. MoD Military History Institute and Museum is located in the northwestern corner of Buda Castle, right off the Toth Arpad Promenade I mentioned earlier.

Numerous people are attending the Library, the Map Collection, or the Archives, but the most popular part is the Military History Museum due to its invaluable artifacts. In the courtyard of the building, there is a park of sculptures and commemoration, where our guests can relax in a nice green ambient from spring to autumn. You can find many temporary, but also permanent exhibitions in the museum.

For the permanent exhibitions, some of the highlights are The Military History of Hungary, 1815-1867, but also Hungary in the Great War 1914–1918, and Hungarian Soldiers in Soviet Captivity 1941–1955 (like my great grandfather). There is a great collection of weapons that have been used by Hungarian soldiers from different time periods, and the entrance fee is also very affordable! It’s a fun place for those visiting Budapest with kids too!

10. Gozsdu Courtyard and Budapest Ruin Bars

The Gozsdu Udvar (udvar = courtyard) and the Szimpla Kert became some of the best things to do Budapest, and literally, every person I’ve spoken to about Budapest anywhere in Europe, they mentioned the ruin bars and the Szimpla Kert right away, like this would be the main attraction of the city…

Well, truth to be told, whether we’re looking for things to do in Budapest in December, or any other month of the year, the city did become the favorite destination of young adults who just want fun and pub crawls. That said, if you’re young and you’re looking for a city to party, drink, and meet lots of travelers, Budapest is a great choice!

The Godzsu courtyard is located near Deak Ferenc Square. It’s a labyrinth of bars and restaurants in the heart of Budapest. The Gozsdu Courtyard is home to many great pubs and it’s always busy, with music floating around the columns. The city’s other popular hotspots for the youth are the ruin bars in Budapest. The Szimpla Kert is the most famous but there are many others to find around. An article about Budapest Nightlife coming soon as well!

11. Budapest Christmas Market

Here we are, one of the overall best things to do in Budapest in December! I’ve been multiple times to the Christmas Market in Budapest, and I love it so much! It was only about 6-7 years ago when Budapest became the home of one of the most famous Christmas Markets in Europe! While it’s also popular as it’s one of the cheapest Christmas markets in Europe too!

But how is it structured, you ask? Budapest Christmas market has several locations. There is one part of the Budapest Christmas Market in the original location, Vörösmarty Square. Then, you’ve got multiple locations on Erzsebet Square, Deak Ferenc Square, in front of St Stephan’s Basilica as well as in the Buda Castle. Each one is great and easy to get there, really.

What can be found there? There are many hand-made products in all kinds of categories you can imagine. Handcrafted leather goods, decorations, ceramics, soaps, creams, toys, and sweets too. Then there are dozens of food stands with delicious Hungarian dishes, sweets, mulled wine, and specialties. It’s really that needs to be tried! Visiting the city in December, and hitting the Christmas Markets is definitely one of the top things to do in Budapest!

12. Széchenyi Thermal Baths

things to do in budapest

Széchenyi Thermal Baths are one of the most fabulous of the Budapest things to do list! As Budapest started to become a more and more popular destination, the nationwide already famous Széchenyi Thermal Bath became famous around the world as well.

It was built in 1913 and named after one of the most famous political and aristocratic figures of the 19th century, count István Széchenyi. In addition to the marvelous medicinal natural hot spring waters in the 18 pools, there are 10 saunas/steam cabins, several massage therapies, facial treatments, Turkish baths, and more.

I believe Széchenyi Thermal Baths are the perfect activity for those looking for the best things to do in Budapest in December, and it’s great any time around the year. It’s great for the cold months too because the outdoor pool has thermal water. So it’s very nice and warm. You can book for a half day or a full day, and you can request extra services too. And, not to mention how affordable this marvelous place is! It costs about €15 for a half day!

13. Liberty Bridge

When it comes to the best things to do in Budapest Hungary, exploring the most beautiful bridges is a must-do! The Liberty Bridge is the 2nd most beautiful in the city, but we’ve got you covered with all the bridges in Budapest, in this article, we couldn’t fit in more than two!

Liberty Bridge was built in 1894-1896 and its original name was Franz Joseph Bridge, who was the king of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time. Secret fact: He was the one who put the last silver screw in the bridge. Unfortunately, that was stolen later on. The replicable can be found on the Pest side of the bridge.

When I’m guiding someone around in Budapest, I always tell this one fact about the Liberty Bridge: This is the place where many people tried or actually committed suicide. This is not something that you will read in the travel guides, you might be reading it just in the Hungarian news. I think this should be mentioned, as part of the bridge’s history, and well, for those who love spooky places, I just gave you a bucket list item!

14. Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum is one of the top things to do in Budapest. Not only the inside, but the gardens are well worth it too! It’s located right by the faculty of liberal arts/humanities of the Eötvös Loránd University (one of the best universities in Hungary, and where I studied too for a while). This area is green, and peaceful, with beautiful buildings, and lovely hidden squares.

You can just walk around the gardens of the museums, sit for a coffee, and enjoy the view, without having to purchase any tickets. However, I do highly suggest visiting inside, as there are plenty of amazing things to discover from the history of Hungary. The Hungarian National Museum was founded in 1802, and it’s set in a beautiful Neoclassical building designed by Mihály Pollack.

The Hungarian National Museum has seven permanent displays. The general history of Hungary is covered in two sections: the archaeology from prehistory to the Avar period ending in 804 AD on the first (ground) floor (“On the East-West frontier”), and the history from 804 to modern times on the first floor. This display covers topics such as the age of the Arpads, the long Turkish occupation, Transylvania, and royal Hungary.

More modern and Contemporary history covered begins with the Rákóczi War of Independence, showing different sections of his military attire and various coins. The history section then ends with the rise and fall of the communist system in Hungary. In another hall on the second floor, one can find out about the Scholars of Hungarians who made the twentieth century. A room on the first floor displays the medieval Hungarian Coronation Mantle. You can also see some of my favorites: the office of Hungarian socialist prime ministers, János Kádár, and others.

15. Hungarian State Opera House

Probably one of my favorite things to do in every big city where culture is strong, but still, one of the best things to do Budapest is the Hungarian State Opera House. The building itself is a neo-Renaissance opera house located in the center of the city, on the famous Andrássy Avenue (út).

Its original name was the Hungarian Royal Opera House, and it was designed by Miklós Ybl, who was one of the most famous architects of the 19th century. The construction began in 1875, and the opera house was commissioned by the city of Budapest and by the emperor Franz Joseph I of Astria-Hungary. Works took almost 10 years when the opera opened to the public in 1884.

Today many operas and concerts take place in the breathtaking building, but you can also visit and join an opera tour during the day for a fee of 7.000 HUF. Another very important highlight of this place is the annual Budapest Opera Ball, a very sophisticated society event that dates back to 1886. Here the dress code is strict, white tie and tailcoat for men and floor-length gowns for women.

16. Parizsi Udvar

things to do in budapest

One of the absolute best things to do in Budapest Hungary today is to visit the breathtaking Párizsi Udvar (Párisi Udvar) – which translated completely would mean Parisian Court. Today, the building is part of the Unbound Collection by Hyatt, hosting the Parisi Udvar Budapest Hotel Hyatt. The building was designed for Baron József Brudern by Mihály Pollack, also the architect of the Hungarian National Museum.

By the time it was completed in 1817, people had already started to call it Párisi Udvar. Baron József Brudern himself lived on the second floor, and there were 32 shops located on the ground floor. The shops were the most elegant and luxurious in the city. It was believed that the attraction-seeking, breathtaking building was designed by Pollack as a replica of the Parisian Passage des Panoramas, from where it took its name.

In 1906 it became the home of Budapest’s Central Savings Bank and was redesigned entirely. Although many buildings in the area were damaged during World War II, the Párisi Udvar was untouched. The hotel incorporates elements from Arabic, Moorish, and Gothic design, representing Hungary’s fascinating past. The original façade, staircases, and decorative tiles have been carefully preserved and the guestrooms feature tailor-made, Hungarian-crafted furnishings.

On the side of the hotel, you can visit the Parisi Udvar whenever you’d like. A marvelous cafe and brasserie is functioning here, with delicious dishes, desserts, and drinks at a (I must point this out) very acceptable price! This can be the go-to chic place in Budapest for business meetings, or a nice stop-by for coffee, brunch, or drinks where you can put on your best outfit!

17. Danube Promenade

things to do in budapest

I believe the Danube Promenade deserves a separate section of the things to see in Budapest! On both sides along the Danube River, you have so many things to explore! Starting from the Margaret Bridge, walking down south, you’ll find beautiful neighborhoods, you can see the parliament from the Danube side, and the poet, Attila Jozsef’s statue right near the parliament.

Also here, if you take the M2 metro, and go on the other side of the Danube, you can see the parliament in full. It is beautiful indeed! Then, along the river, you can take the tram too, which has a journey almost continuously by the river, offering stunning views of the Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge, Elisabeth Bridge, the Gellert Hill, and then the beautiful Liberty Bridge too.

If you go on a walk on the Duna Korzo (Danube Promenade) you can spot little interesting sculptures along the way, as well as you can see the main building of the Hungarian Academy of Science, the Gresham Palace, the Vigado (which is a really beautiful building close to Vaci Street), and much more! There is also the Jewish monument, with the shoes on the shore of the river. Moreover, you’ll find plenty of parks, and cafes to stop by for a break!

18. New York Cafe

When it comes to chic, elegant, and marvelous places, Budapest has quite some beauty to offer. The New York Cafe is definitely one of the most fascinating things to see in Budapest! This breathtaking cafe was built in eclectic Italian Renaissance style, and it opened for the public on the 23rd of October 1894.

The café, along with a restaurant and the Nyugat Bar is now part of the hotel Anantara New York Palace Budapest. The menu recalls the multicultural cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Classic dishes like Beef Goulash, Fishermen Soup, Chicken Leg Paprikash-style, Wiener Schnitzel, and Grilled Foie Gras are served along with famous desserts such as Dobos, Sacher, and Eszterházy cake.

The New York Café has lived through many eras, political systems, and historical turning points. Still, it has always been reborn, sparkling, and occupied by those who longed for its comforts: artists, members of the nobility, and commoners alike. At the turn of the 20th century, the New York Café (New York Kávéház) was the most beautiful and the most beloved coffee house in Budapest. It was a popular place among writers and editors, in fact, the most influential newspapers were edited here, upstairs in the gallery.

After World War II, the once famous café fell into disrepair and served as a sporting goods shop. Although the café reopened in 1954, under the name of Hungária, it wasn’t until 2006 that the New York Café was restored to its original splendor. It is indeed pricy compared to the usual costs in Budapest, but it’s not as pricy as any similar caliber cafe in Western European cities. Definitely, a hot spot that shouldn’t be skipped. Oh, and please, dress code elegant, business, or smart casual!

19. Central Market Hall

Exploring the Central Market Hall is definitely one of the best things to do in Budapest Hungary! The markets are called “Vásárcsarnok”, meaning shopping hall. In these premises, you can usually find bio-fruits, veggies, soured veggies, crafted cheese, and meat products from local producers. If you’re seeking something fresh, natural, bio, or handmade/crafted, these Budapest indoor food markets are the places you want to go.

The most famous indoor market in Budapest is the Fővámtéri Vásárcsarnok on Fővámtér Square. Definitely worth stopping by if you visit Budapest to grab some local goodies! We recommend buying some fresh bakery products, such as scones with cheese or with minced pork tenderloin (delicious!), or some famous Hungarian sweet pastries like Vargabéles.

Or different types of scones filled with different creams, fruit jams, and of course the Rétes. You should also buy local smoked sausage spiced with paprika, and some delicious Hungarian salami too! Oh, and if you want to get the best paprika spice for your kitchen, you won’t find anywhere else a better quality, than the paprika from Hungary. Since the paprika originates from Hungary!

20. Margaret Island

Margaret Island is one of the truly top things to do in Budapest for everyone. Let’s start with the simple visits. Margaret Island is most of the time the place of peace. People go here for walks, running, cycling, walking their dogs, or just enjoying the day with their kids. There are no cars on most of the island, only flora and fauna, a mini zoo, a playground, and some monuments.

You can find on the island the remains of the monastery where St Margaret lived. In the past, it was called Rabbit Island, but after her consecration, it was renamed to Margaret Island. You can also find here a smaller aqua park called Palatinus, and there are plenty of bars, and restaurants too on the island. Then, there are also many events organized here!

Margaret Island has a second great thing to offer! One of the coolest things to do during the summer in Budapest is the Sziget Festival! It’s one of Europe’s most famous summer festivals, hosting some of the biggest names in the industry. Young adults from all around Europe frequent each year this festival. It’s great because it’s on an island, that’s also in the middle of the city. You’ve got the festival vibe and the comfort.

21. Hungarian National Gallery

things to do in budapest

The Hungarian National Gallery is home to many beautiful pieces of art created by some of the most famous Hungarian artists of all time. You can find pieces in their collection dating back to 1100, up until now. This collection includes relics and statues from churches too. Some of the most important paintings are the ones by the famous Mihály Munkácsy.

They have paintings from Miklós Barabás, József Borsos, Soma Orlai Petrics, Mór Than, and many more names from the 19th and the 20th centuries. You can explore a beautiful collection of statues and sculptures too, and pieces from international artists. On your trip to Budapest, you can plan 1.5 hours to spend at the Hungarian National Gallery, while exploring the Buda Castle!

22. Gellert Thermal Baths

Arriving in Budapest and running to the first thermal bath is the best of the things to do in Budapest in December, but around the year, to be fair. In the summer, or warm spring/fall days, you can enjoy the sun outside, and the outside pools too. While in the cold months, you’ve got plenty of pools, saunas, and other facilities to pick from.

Budapest has quite a few thermal baths around, and the other famous would be the Gellert Baths. The mere existence of these baths is the reason for many people’s choice to visit Budapest, and to be fair, since I discovered how amazing these thermal baths are, I plan a visit on each of my trips.

Gellert Thermal Baths are in the beautiful and famous Gellert Hotel. The first and most important feature of this place is definitely the design and the architecture. It’s a place where the details take over the power, and you’ll get lost in the world of relaxing experiences within a beautiful ambient.

23. Boat ride on the Danube

A boat ride is a great way to all the remarkable sights that are on the shores of the Danube. Think of some of the most important things to see in Budapest, like Margaret Island, Buda Castle, the Parliament building, Gellert Hill, and all the bridges of Budapest. If you have the possibility to go after sunset, I really do recommend that!

Budapest’s buildings are dancing in lights, and they are absolutely beautiful after sundown. It’s really worth trying a boat trip on the Danube after sunset. You can find simple boats where you only sit and watch, but there are dining and party boats too. You can rent one for a group as well. The possibilities are quite high.

24. Try Local Dishes!


You can’t leave Budapest without trying some of our traditional dishes and street food varieties. You must know that in Hungary, we don’t have a food diet when it comes to national dishes, as some of these dishes are quite heavy. Think about the famous Hungarian lard and the different types of sausage we make. You can try and buy these in Market Halls that you can find around the city, known as vásárcsarnok.

You must try main courses and soups like the Goulash Soup, and the Chicken Paprikash. Pick up a Lángos on your walking tour, or have some traditional Hungarian desserts, on the streets you can buy the famous Chimney Cake, but you can try other goodies too like the Gundel Pancake, the Dobos Cake, or the Eszterhazy Cake too. Don’t forget the mulled wine in the winter on the side. That’s one of the things to do in Budapest in December anyway!

25. Budapest Eye

One of the best fun things to do Budapest is to get a ride on the Budapest Eye. The wheel is located on Elisabeth (Erzsebet) Square, just by Deak Ferenc Square, where 3 metro lines stop. On the other side, the Budapest Eye is just a few steps away from St Stephan’s Basilica too, so it’s actually in the heart of the city.

You can have some stunning panoramic views from the wheel, to see the city from above, and it’s actually gorgeous! A ride for an adult will cost Ft 3,000, which is equal to $ 9.90/ £ 7.65. You can get your Budapest Eye tickets online, so you won’t have to wait in long lines!

26. Rooftop Bars

If you are already in the city, you must go to one of the greatest rooftop bars in Budapest!

27. Brunch in Budapest




Wrapping up the best things to do in Budapest Hungary

That’s a wrap for the things to see in Budapest! I hope our guide really made you excited to discover the many fabulous places Budapest offers, and you’re ready to discover the Hungarian capital city! We covered some of the best things to do in Budapest in December, but overall the 25 truly great spots and things to do on your city break! If you want to find out more about places, culture, and lifestyle, make sure you check our other articles such as the best places to visit in Hungary, day trips from Budapest, cafes, restaurants, hotels, car rentals, hidden gems, and more! We also cover Europe Dishes the best Hungarian dishes to try, so make sure you check that out before traveling to Hungary, so you’ll have an idea of what to eat!

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